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Sunday Meditation May 28th

Greetings all LoveLights  ❤

Thank you for joining in the global Circle this Sunday, as we continue to pool our love flow with souls all around the world dedicated to assisting and heightening the planetary ascension process of transformation, healing, and well-being in unity.

Any meditation you feel to do, sending Unconditional Love, Peace and Oneness to the Earth and all life here, is a beautiful contribution. To deeply connect your love flow, hold the intention/request of connecting your open heart with the Heart of Gaia and the crystalline heart grid, the unity consciousness grid, Angelic grid, Christ Light grid…and we would like to add here, the Phoenix Grid of rebirth. All these subtle high vibrational Light-frames (and more) are assisting, anchoring and establishing planetary ascension, and when we who are incarnate on this planet connect with them in pure love, the whole is strengthened.

If you like working with visualization, we are focusing again with a rose-gold ball of light felt and envisioned in the heart centre, then radiated out around the planet, with a Flower of Life pattern. We then call in the spiral of white light of Ascension through the heart and radiate this out through the rose-gold light, merging into it. This week, we are also working with purification of the physical and etheric layers of the planet, with the guidance of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Barachiel (Angel of Providence, whose name means ‘Blessings of God’). So we’re envisioning the symbol of AA Gabriel, the White Lily.

DSC_2420 - Copy (2)

Firstly we place a White Lily in our heart centre, seeing/feeling rays of purifying light spread out from it through our own energy field and into the planetary field, all around the Earth and filling its magnetosphere. Then hold the vision of the entire planet being covered in White Lilies ~ purifying the earth, healing the etheric layer, clearing all energies, supporting and strengthening the planetary ‘sound-frame’, transforming all sound frequencies being emitted around the Earth to highest Love, calming the sound-waves. And So Be It.


The meditation time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or at another time that suits you ~ just hold the intention of the love and focus you send meeting with the group energy.

With love & gratitude to all meditators, guiding ones and all beings of love,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor

❤ ❤ ❤

Please share with anyone you know who would be interested in taking part, ‘the more the merrier’, and we recommend reading through the Meditation Guidelines if you’re new to the LoveLight Circle Meditations. Blessings always.

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May 21 Meditation Follow-up

Hello dear LoveLight Friends 🙂

We hope you all had a beautiful experience with yesterday’s meditation, during a strong gateway for the higher light flows anchoring with Gaia, as within our Beings. If any of you would like to share your meditation experience with the Circle, you’re very welcome to add a comment.

Energies vibrated very high from Friday onward. We took part in a beautiful meditation gathering for the weekend ~ on Saturday night we had a bonfire, and the form of a dove taking flight, rebirthing like a phoenix, appeared in the flames.


This energy of rebirth flowed through Sunday’s meditation ~ the LoveLight Circle energy felt expansive, clear and full of love, thank you all. This Gateway for high Ascension Light was at maximum flow, which was signalled beautifully here last night with ‘onscreen sequencing’….11-11-11.

DSC02159 - Copy - Copy

Love and gratitude to Sunday’s meditators around the world and all beings sharing, assisting and gifting LoveLight with perseverance, dedication, flowing with Source and transformation,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor

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Sunday May 21st Meditation Reminder

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to the second LoveLight Circle Sunday Meditation! This one comes during a high energetic gateway opening for the Ascension Light to bathe the Earth, flowing into and through many supporting layers ~ Gaia’s Crystalline Heart Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, the Christ Light Grid, the 6D Harmonic Grid, the Angelic Light Grid ~ which we connect to, and align with, before and during these meditations. Feel free to connect from your heart and soul with all the supporting layers, higher light structures, energies and Love Beings guiding and energizing them moment to moment throughout this planetary Ascension process.

If you haven’t already seen them, please read through the Meditation Guidelines on this page: we recommend going through these exercises (or similar, according to your guidance) before beginning the LoveLight Circle Meditations.

As with our first group meditation, focus into your Heart Centre, and all the love, warmth, joy and harmony IN there, and send unconditional love to the Earth and all life here. If you would like to work in synced visualization with us, here it is: visualize this warmth as a rose-gold ball of light of pure Divine Love within your Heart. Gently expand it through and around your body and auric field, and envision a Flower of Life pattern forming within it…then continue expanding this ball of Divine LoveLight until it is all around the Earth, transforming all distorted or misaligned energies into pure, warm Love. If you would like to keep going, now keep expanding this rose-gold Flower of Life light-ball until it is all around our Solar system, then further, breathe it out, all around this galaxy, this universe, the multiverse…..

Relax, and bring your focus back into your Heart Centre, and call on/envision a pure, soft spiral of white Ascension Light flowing from the Heart of Source through your Heart, to the Heart of Gaia, then radiating out through the rose-gold, blending in with it, transforming, nourishing, sustaining the whole LoveLight creation, here and everywhere. We are One. And So Be It. It is Done.  ❤

The Circle’s focus time is 12:12pm on Sunday ~ if that doesn’t suit you, choose a moment that does, holding the intention and request that your LoveLight focus meet and flow with the group.

Much love, blessings and gratitude to you all,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor


❤ ❤ ❤



Thank you and Welcome!

To everyone who joined in the first Sunday meditation, welcome to the LoveLight Circle, and thank you all so very much. It’s wonderful to have ‘old friends’ contributing their loving energies, and also to meet, see and feel the soul lights of many new friends ~ new in this ‘now’, but we’re all one infinite family of Source, and no doubt know each other in the higher realms. 🙂

The Light pooled in the Circle yesterday was strong and clear, we saw and felt many Lights gathered around in a big circle, with a ‘little Earth’ in the centre, and the group energy radiating out around the planet, flowing with the focus of many groups and communities. Beautiful and loving, thank you all again!

Looking forward to meeting and flowing together again on Sunday May 21st, and we’ll send out a reminder later in the week. Meanwhile, wishing a joyous and peaceful week to you all, dear LoveLights,



❤ ❤ ❤


Sunday Meditation May 14, 2017.


Welcome Dear All!  ❤

Thank you, thank you,  from our Hearts for bringing your loving dedication to personal and planetary Ascension ~ as a unified flow and focus ~ to join with the LoveLight Meditation Circle. First and foremost, we’ll be ‘meeting’ and flowing our intentions and energies together every SUNday, at 12:12pm in each of your timezones. If that ‘time moment’ isn’t possible for you, that’s okay, just meditate at a time on Sunday that works for you, holding the intention that the Love and Light you send will meet and merge with the whole group focus at 12:12. (For the purpose of using that time as our meeting point, see the About page).

As there are many loving souls around the Earth now devoting focus to meditating specifically on Sundays, individually or with various groups and paths, all with the shared vision and intent to anchor, assist, strengthen and smooth the Planetary Ascension process, the LoveLight Circle meditations are focused into contributing and merging with this Unified Whole collective flowing of Unconditional Love, so always go into your meditation with this intention.

Begin all meditations with going into your Heart Centre, feel the warmth in there, the peace and love for all Life. If you enjoy using visualization, we suggest visualizing a rose-gold ball of light in your Heart Centre, soft, strong and bright – rose light of Divine Love mingled with the golden light of Resurrection/Christed Love – then imagine blowing this rose-gold ball out around you, filled with a Flower of Life geometry, all around your torus field.

Keep expanding it, relaxed and clear, until it surrounds the Earth, the whole planet’s torus field, and let all your highest feelings of Universal Love, Compassion, Divine Grace, Joy and Providence flow from Source through the pure conduit you Are, and radiate out through the rose-gold Flower of Life to the planet, humanity, the animal, plant and mineral/crystal kingdoms, and all elementals and nature beings. Hold the intention of your LoveLight merging into the crystalline heart grid of Gaia, surrounded by, supported and upheld by the Angelic realms and the Christ Light. We are all One, all part of and flowing with and contributing to the Ascension on Earth. Feel the pure White Light of Ascension flow into and through your being, merging with the rose-gold Light, spreading to All. And So Be It.

And of course, be as creative and inspired with your meditations as you wish! The key is that whatever you feel to contribute, let it always flow from the simple, steady Oneness of Love that IS, forever.

Much Love, Gratitude and Blessings to you All, and to all beings and energies of the higher realms and dimensions guiding, supporting, and anchoring high love through the ‘ground crew’. Please share with anyone you feel would be interested in joining in, and Follow by Email if you’d like to receive weekly reminders and other meditation requests.  🙂


Joanna&Ashura, & our dear soul companion Tanabor ❤


*Whether you’re a new or experienced meditator, please read the Meditation Guidelines on this page.