Thank you and Welcome!

To everyone who joined in the first Sunday meditation, welcome to the LoveLight Circle, and thank you all so very much. It’s wonderful to have ‘old friends’ contributing their loving energies, and also to meet, see and feel the soul lights of many new friends ~ new in this ‘now’, but we’re all one infinite family of Source, and no doubt know each other in the higher realms. 🙂

The Light pooled in the Circle yesterday was strong and clear, we saw and felt many Lights gathered around in a big circle, with a ‘little Earth’ in the centre, and the group energy radiating out around the planet, flowing with the focus of many groups and communities. Beautiful and loving, thank you all again!

Looking forward to meeting and flowing together again on Sunday May 21st, and we’ll send out a reminder later in the week. Meanwhile, wishing a joyous and peaceful week to you all, dear LoveLights,



❤ ❤ ❤


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