Sunday May 21st Meditation Reminder

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to the second LoveLight Circle Sunday Meditation! This one comes during a high energetic gateway opening for the Ascension Light to bathe the Earth, flowing into and through many supporting layers ~ Gaia’s Crystalline Heart Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, the Christ Light Grid, the 6D Harmonic Grid, the Angelic Light Grid ~ which we connect to, and align with, before and during these meditations. Feel free to connect from your heart and soul with all the supporting layers, higher light structures, energies and Love Beings guiding and energizing them moment to moment throughout this planetary Ascension process.

If you haven’t already seen them, please read through the Meditation Guidelines on this page: we recommend going through these exercises (or similar, according to your guidance) before beginning the LoveLight Circle Meditations.

As with our first group meditation, focus into your Heart Centre, and all the love, warmth, joy and harmony IN there, and send unconditional love to the Earth and all life here. If you would like to work in synced visualization with us, here it is: visualize this warmth as a rose-gold ball of light of pure Divine Love within your Heart. Gently expand it through and around your body and auric field, and envision a Flower of Life pattern forming within it…then continue expanding this ball of Divine LoveLight until it is all around the Earth, transforming all distorted or misaligned energies into pure, warm Love. If you would like to keep going, now keep expanding this rose-gold Flower of Life light-ball until it is all around our Solar system, then further, breathe it out, all around this galaxy, this universe, the multiverse…..

Relax, and bring your focus back into your Heart Centre, and call on/envision a pure, soft spiral of white Ascension Light flowing from the Heart of Source through your Heart, to the Heart of Gaia, then radiating out through the rose-gold, blending in with it, transforming, nourishing, sustaining the whole LoveLight creation, here and everywhere. We are One. And So Be It. It is Done.  ❤

The Circle’s focus time is 12:12pm on Sunday ~ if that doesn’t suit you, choose a moment that does, holding the intention and request that your LoveLight focus meet and flow with the group.

Much love, blessings and gratitude to you all,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor


❤ ❤ ❤



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