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Sunday Meditation June 25

Greetings dear LoveLights  ❤

Our gratitude and blessings to all who have continued with clearing the Earth’s etheric layer throughout the Solstice week. A lot of dense and interfering energies have been flushed to the surface and transformed, clearing and freeing the etheric, so that it can hold more Light and increase the flow through to the physical density. 🙂

This weekend, we’re now expanding our focus out to the planetary merkaba of the Earth….Gaia’s ‘lightbody’. If you’re not familiar with the merkaba, or it isn’t part of your personal practice, please scroll a little way down the Practices page at Heart Star, to the Merkaba Practice. Planets, moons, stars, also have a merkaba, which from a ‘straight on’ view, represents as a six pointed star around the body, or planetary body.

earth_from_space_5_1920x1080 (1) - Copy

Centering in your Heart, feel and focus your inner connection with the Heart of Source and the Heart of Gaia, and set your intention to connect with all the high vibrational light grids on, in and around the planet….the Crystalline Heart Grid, the Christ Light Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, the Angelic Grid, the Sixth Dimensional Harmonic Grid and the Phoenix Grid…and feel through your Heart how this great interweaving, flowing higher light supports, embraces and is constantly interacting with Gaia’s soul, with the flow of love, grace and providence from Source, with all Life in, on and around this planet.

Breathe in and out deeply and slowly, while gently attuning to your own merkaba, and giving it the intention to spin at/in unison with the highest available frequencies of Love and Light. Feel/envision a Pink Rose in your heart centre, and that beautiful soft Rose Light is radiating outward from it, through your body, filling your merkaba as it spins.

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Now feel and see Golden Light from the Heart of Source filling this Rose, and spreading golden through the pink, merging together as rose-gold light. As you breathe out, keep expanding this rose-gold light out around the planet, and visualize Gaia’s merkaba all around the planet, spinning in perfect Harmony, receiving and radiating the highest Love, Light, Grace and Providence of Source, smoothly and easily. See the planetary merkaba fill with the rose-gold light you and all of us together with many Beings of Love are sending out, the Sacred Love of countless hearts bathing Gaia, her planetary body, her merkaba, and all living beings, all life here.

Perfect Harmony, Perfect Love, Pure Grace, all merged, completely in balance.

Thank you all dear friends, joining in this LoveLight Circle…in unison with all souls meditating, praying and focusing for and with the planetary ascension. Much Love,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor  ❤



PS: As usual, the group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or if that doesn’t suit, another moment, holding the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines

Meditation through Solstice week


Thank you and blessings of Love to everyone who joined in with the LoveLight Circle, for the ‘Clearing Earth’s etheric body’ meditation yesterday ~ it was really beautiful, with so much light bathing the planet.  ❤

There’s a lot of ‘unsettledness’ around the planet at present, and we’ll be continuing with this flushing/purifying of lower energies from the etheric layer throughout this week until the next Sunday Meditation, with the assistance of star family and many beings of Love around the Earth.

Everyone who would like to is very welcome to help keep up the momentum as we cross the Solstice, and call the energy of equilibrium into the vibrational field. No ‘amount of time’ you can devote to sending Love to Gaia and into the planetary field is too small ~ all focus coming from pure unconditional love, compassion and peace contributes to lifting the overall energy.

If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle, please read the previous post and the meditation guidelines. Also, Lighting the Ether has a visualization for using the White Light Bodysuit as a personal practice, which is exactly what we’re doing in the LoveLight meditations at a planetary level.

With Love to Gaia and all Life here, and all dearhearts taking part in and assisting the ascension process,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤




Sunday Meditation June 18


Greetings dear LoveLights,

Welcome to the LoveLight Circle for our weekly Sunday meditation assisting planetary ascension and all life here. As always, our group ‘focus time’ is 12:12pm in your time zone, or another time that works for you, with the intention that the energy you send meets and merges with the group energy, and with all souls around the planet meditating for Love. This week we’re guided to focus with purifying and strengthening the etheric body of the Earth. Just as we have subtle vibrational layers or ‘bodies’ within our auric field, of which our physical body is the most condensed, so does the Earth.

The etheric layer is very important for us and the planet during the transformative phase we term ascension, as it interfaces the third and fifth dimensional frequencies, and a clear, strong, healthy etheric layer pools the higher light flow in its ‘blueprint’, which then flows through to/into the physical density. Gaia, the planetary soul of Earth, is continuously clearing this etheric layer of the planetary field from ‘vibrational pollutants’, and today we are asked to give this clearing a boost, combining the two flower colours we’ve worked with the last two weeks ~ white lilies and bluebells.

Focus from your Heart, with unconditional Love for the Earth and all life here and everywhere, holding this intention of the etheric body of the planet receiving a great cleansing as we connect this intention from the Heart of Source with Gaia’s Heart, the 5D crystalline heart grid, the Christ Light grid, the Angelic grid, the Phoenix grid and the Unity Consciousness grid, as pure, free-flowing conduits and anchors for the higher dimensional in-flow.

If you like to use visualizations, breathe in deeply and hold the image of a white lily and bluebell in your heart centre, then as you breathe out, see and feel a merged flow of pure white and blue light spreading out around the planet….then a little further, around the planet’s etheric body-field. See this field completely filled with the merged white and blue light, going to a beautiful light aqua blue colour. Hold this for as long as you wish, inviting the assistance and presence of high beings of Light, until you see/feel the etheric layer around the Earth as softly shining with steady, pure light.

We ask that this light be held continuously within and around the planet, assisting Gaia’s clearing process, and heightening the in-flow of LoveLight into the physical density. And So Be It. It Is Done.

With our love, blessings and gratitude to you all, and to all beings of Love contributing their energies,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤



*If you’re new to the LoveLight Meditations, we recommend reading through the Meditation Guidelines. Thank you for joining in!

Sunday Meditation June 11

bluebell-flowers - Copy


Hello all LoveLights!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to last weekend’s meditation focus of ‘carpeting the planet with White Lilies’ ~ the purifying power of white light ~ blended with the sphere of Rose-Gold Light of Divine Love we’ve been envisioning and intending around the world each week.

This Sunday, after connecting your heart with Source and Gaia’s Heart, center yourself in unconditional love and compassion for all life and all beings. Request/hold the intention that all the love and light you send will be supported, upheld by, and contribute to the unity consciousness grid of higher light, the crystalline heart grid of Gaia, the angelic grid, Christ Light grid, 6D harmonic grid and phoenix grid of rebirth through sacred light. Envision a rose-gold ball of light in your heart centre. Feel its warmth, feel the love in there coming from your deepest inner Source connection, and radiate it out around your aura, then keep spreading it until its all around the Earth, imprinting it with a Flower of Life pattern.

Now hold the image of a Bluebell, see it inside your heart, and let yourself attune to the Sacred Tone rippling from this flower ~ of clarity, truth, protection, deep high connection with your heart, seat of your Soul. As you attune to the Bluebell, let its energy radiate outward as a carpet of Bluebells all around the Earth, emitting this immense vibration of clarity, truth, protection and deep heart connection.

bluebell-wood-web (1)

Ask that this Tone of the Bluebells be anchored in and around the Earth, for all living beings here, for the benefit of All, supported and upheld by all beings in loving service to Source and the planetary ascension. And So Be It. It Is Done.

With love, blessings and heart hugs to you all,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤


*The time for these meditations is 12:12pm your time-zone, or another moment that will suit you, just hold the intention that whatever you send will meet and merge with the group energy…and with the focus of all people meditating around the planet on Sundays for love and ascension.


*If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle meditations, please read the guidelines on this page. Namaste


Sunday Meditation June 4th

Hello all dear LoveLights  ❤

Blessings and thanks to all contributing to the lovelight pool  with the many beautiful souls meditating on Sundays (and at all times!) around this precious Earth, to assist planetary ascension through rebirth and transformation at the individual and collective level.

Meditate in any way that feels joyful to you, with a focus of Unconditional Love, Peace and Oneness blossoming around the Earth and in all life here. To deeply connect your love flow, hold the intention of connecting your open heart with the Heart of Gaia and Crystalline Heart Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, Angelic Grid, Christ Light Grid of restoration and resurrection of the ‘Divine Goldenprint’ of life, and the Phoenix Grid of rebirth. Many high vibrational Light-frames have been established around the planet, assisting and anchoring ascension frequencies ~ and when souls incarnate on this planet connect with them in pure love, the whole is reaffirmed and strengthened.

If you enjoy visualizing, we continue our focus with a rose-gold ball of light felt and envisioned in our heart centre, then radiating out around the planet with a Flower of Life pattern. We then call in the spiral of white light of Ascension through the heart and radiate this out through the rose-gold light, merging into it. We’ll also continue focusing on purification of the physical and etheric layers of the planet, with the guidance of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Barachiel (Angel of Providence), envisioning the symbol of the White Lily.

M20510570_big - Copy

Begin with a White Lily in the heart centre; see and feel rays of pure light radiating out through our own energy field and into the planetary field, all around the Earth and filling its magnetosphere. Hold the vision of the planet being covered in White Lilies ~ purifying the earth, healing the etheric layer, clearing all energies, supporting and strengthening the planetary ‘sound-frame’, transforming all sound frequencies being emitted around the Earth to highest Love, calming the sound-waves.


This week, we focus deeper with the Tone of Creation flowing from the Heart of Source through the Lily, through all trumpet and bell-shaped flowers ~ hold the intention of this soft, pervasive ringing tone all around the planet, re-arranging and re-aligning all energetically discordant frequencies and wave-lengths, bringing all into harmony…feel how this connects with the hum of bees, the songs of birds, and the singing of whales and dolphins in the oceans, all interweaving in perfect harmony. Call on our friends and family of Love in the higher dimensional layers assisting Earth’s ascension, and your own Inner Divine, to amplify and deeply anchor this strengthening harmony, with love and joy. And So Be It.

As always, the LoveLight Circle focus time on Sundays is 12:12pm in your timezone, or if that isn’t convenient, at a ‘moment’ that suits you, with the intention of the Love you send meeting and merging with the group, and with all meditators for Earth’s ascension.

Much love and gratitude to you All,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor  ❤



*Please read the Meditation Guidelines if you’re new to the LoveLight Circle ~ and welcome! 🙂