Sunday Meditation June 4th

Hello all dear LoveLights  ❤

Blessings and thanks to all contributing to the lovelight pool  with the many beautiful souls meditating on Sundays (and at all times!) around this precious Earth, to assist planetary ascension through rebirth and transformation at the individual and collective level.

Meditate in any way that feels joyful to you, with a focus of Unconditional Love, Peace and Oneness blossoming around the Earth and in all life here. To deeply connect your love flow, hold the intention of connecting your open heart with the Heart of Gaia and Crystalline Heart Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, Angelic Grid, Christ Light Grid of restoration and resurrection of the ‘Divine Goldenprint’ of life, and the Phoenix Grid of rebirth. Many high vibrational Light-frames have been established around the planet, assisting and anchoring ascension frequencies ~ and when souls incarnate on this planet connect with them in pure love, the whole is reaffirmed and strengthened.

If you enjoy visualizing, we continue our focus with a rose-gold ball of light felt and envisioned in our heart centre, then radiating out around the planet with a Flower of Life pattern. We then call in the spiral of white light of Ascension through the heart and radiate this out through the rose-gold light, merging into it. We’ll also continue focusing on purification of the physical and etheric layers of the planet, with the guidance of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Barachiel (Angel of Providence), envisioning the symbol of the White Lily.

M20510570_big - Copy

Begin with a White Lily in the heart centre; see and feel rays of pure light radiating out through our own energy field and into the planetary field, all around the Earth and filling its magnetosphere. Hold the vision of the planet being covered in White Lilies ~ purifying the earth, healing the etheric layer, clearing all energies, supporting and strengthening the planetary ‘sound-frame’, transforming all sound frequencies being emitted around the Earth to highest Love, calming the sound-waves.


This week, we focus deeper with the Tone of Creation flowing from the Heart of Source through the Lily, through all trumpet and bell-shaped flowers ~ hold the intention of this soft, pervasive ringing tone all around the planet, re-arranging and re-aligning all energetically discordant frequencies and wave-lengths, bringing all into harmony…feel how this connects with the hum of bees, the songs of birds, and the singing of whales and dolphins in the oceans, all interweaving in perfect harmony. Call on our friends and family of Love in the higher dimensional layers assisting Earth’s ascension, and your own Inner Divine, to amplify and deeply anchor this strengthening harmony, with love and joy. And So Be It.

As always, the LoveLight Circle focus time on Sundays is 12:12pm in your timezone, or if that isn’t convenient, at a ‘moment’ that suits you, with the intention of the Love you send meeting and merging with the group, and with all meditators for Earth’s ascension.

Much love and gratitude to you All,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor  ❤



*Please read the Meditation Guidelines if you’re new to the LoveLight Circle ~ and welcome! 🙂

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