Meditation through Solstice week


Thank you and blessings of Love to everyone who joined in with the LoveLight Circle, for the ‘Clearing Earth’s etheric body’ meditation yesterday ~ it was really beautiful, with so much light bathing the planet.  ❤

There’s a lot of ‘unsettledness’ around the planet at present, and we’ll be continuing with this flushing/purifying of lower energies from the etheric layer throughout this week until the next Sunday Meditation, with the assistance of star family and many beings of Love around the Earth.

Everyone who would like to is very welcome to help keep up the momentum as we cross the Solstice, and call the energy of equilibrium into the vibrational field. No ‘amount of time’ you can devote to sending Love to Gaia and into the planetary field is too small ~ all focus coming from pure unconditional love, compassion and peace contributes to lifting the overall energy.

If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle, please read the previous post and the meditation guidelines. Also, Lighting the Ether has a visualization for using the White Light Bodysuit as a personal practice, which is exactly what we’re doing in the LoveLight meditations at a planetary level.

With Love to Gaia and all Life here, and all dearhearts taking part in and assisting the ascension process,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤




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