Sunday Meditation July 9

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Greetings all Beings of Love  ❤

Thanks and heart hugs to all the LoveLighters who joined in the planetary merkaba meditation last Sunday, clearing with violet light and healing with green, and to those who continued with this focus throughout last week, in preparation for this SUNday’s reception of pure Light sent from the Heart of Source, through a new Ascension Light Gateway open for 3 days. This Gateway has opened around a Light Tower, newly created on a planet called Kamura, in the Carina constellation. So this weekend, we just ask you to connect your open loving Heart with Source and Gaia’s Heart, feel yourself bathing, being immersed in this immense flow of White Light on every level, and radiate this Light out around the Earth, to all life here.

If you haven’t seen it, please read this post at Heart Star, Ascension Gateway July 7-9, and if you feel called to also visualize the Ascension Light Tower in the field of Bluebells, the more the merrier! However you feel inspired to anchor this Light though is fine. 🙂

The new Light of Kamura will always be flowing and available to connect to from this weekend, and for souls on Earth, it is coming into creation in alignment with Full Moon in ‘Earth time’, so feel this too, how the new Light flows through the Sun, and reflects through the ‘mirror of the moon’, maximizing the light-bath.

Much love everyone, and thanks for all you are and do!

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤





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