Sunday Meditation August 6



Hello beautiful LoveLights  ❤

Today’s meditation will be focused on/with the Lion’s Gate, the higher vibrational light flow of the star Sirius which peaks each year on August 8th, the 8-8, within a winder window of alignment from July 26 to August 12.

To align with and anchor the pure Love streaming from Sirius, the leonine and feline soul families, the higher dimensional dolphin and whale beings and ascended humans of the Sirian star system, here is a meditation focus for the Lion’s Gate period:

Centre and breathe into your Heart, feel the pillar of pure Light you are, connecting from the Heart of Source to the Heart of Gaia, with unconditional Love for the Earth and all Life here and everywhere. Hold your intention to connect with the 5D Crystalline Heart grid, the Christ Light grid, the Angelic grid, the Phoenix grid and the Unity Consciousness grid, as a pure, free-flowing conduit and anchor for the higher dimensional in-flow of Love.

See/feel a white star (your Heart Star) in your heart centre, which brightens and expands throughout your body and auric field. Breathe in golden light to your heart centre, then imagine blowing it out around you in a big golden ball or apple, filling your aura/torus field, knowing that only energies of the highest Love and Grace can flow into this golden light field around you.

Envision another white star below your feet (your Earth Star) and one above your head (Soul Star), all in balance and perfect alignment with your central Heart Star. Feel yourself within a pillar of white light, with these words/intention: Throughout this day and night and in every moment through to personal and planetary Ascension, I am a pure, steady, open, free-flowing conduit, vessel, pillar and anchor of the highest Love, Light, Grace and Providence flowing from the Heart of Source, through my Heart, to the Heart of beloved Gaia, in unity with all beings of unconditional Love, in Oneness with All-that-Is. 

Now hold your intention to align with the Lion’s Gate, imagine standing between two golden-white pillars of light. The star Sirius is directly above your head, its beautiful blue-white light flowing down through the pillar and anchor you Are, radiating through your Heart and flowing down through your feet, to the Heart of Gaia, then spreading out through the higher dimensional crystalline grid of the New Earth. In faith and gratitude, invite the presence of the lion beings, dolphin and whale beings, and ascended humans of Sirius to assist, guide and energize all the higher light grids in and around the Earth, and all beings on Earth to align with love, peace and joy to their deepest capacity.

And So be It. It is Done. 


On the 8-8, we have a specific focus which you are all very welcome to join us in, sending our Love for activation of high light codes in the crystalline heart grid node point at Mount Ararat. You can read about this in the current post at Heart Star, and we’ll post in more detail for the LoveLight Circle before the 8-8!


Wishing a wonderful Lion’s Gate to you All. Much love, light and blessings, thank you for all you Are and do to support and ‘be’ this beautiful planetary ascension process with Gaia and all beings of Love,

Flowing the Blue Light with you ~~~ Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor  ❤


DSC08366 - Copy (2)


PS: As usual, the group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or if that doesn’t suit, another moment, holding the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines


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