Saturday Meditation August 19


Hello dear LoveLights! ❤

Welcome again, and thank you all for taking part in, and continuing with, this meditation sequence with the coloured flames known as the Seven Sacred Flames, to the completion of the cycle today, with the Purple Flame.

Each of the Seven Flames relates vibrationally to a day of the week, and we’re focusing with the sequence that first came through Aurelia Jones, from Adama (High Priest of Telos, the Agarthan 5D crystalline light city within Mount Shasta in North America)  ~ the Yellow Flame of Sunday, Blue Flame of Monday, Pink Flame of Tuesday, Green Flame of Wednesday, Golden Flame of Thursday, White Flame of Friday and Violet Flame of Saturday, with a slight shift including the entire purple ray for Saturday, the Purple Flame (which encompasses Violet, Magenta, Purple and Deep Purple).

Meditating with these Flames on a daily basis is wonderful for purifying one’s whole energy field, and (re)establishes the natural rhythm in our being which synchronizes with the vibrational inner rhythm of Gaia’s planetary ascension, which the Agarthan people of the 5D Inner Earth are completely attuned to and assisting. We begin with the sequence of Yellow, Blue and Pink on the first three days of the week, which align with the three flames of the Threefold Flame of the Heart.


With this weekly sequence, the Flames of the first three days continuously ‘trinitize’ your vibration as you come into each week, in the unified energies of the Divine Child (yellow), Divine Father (blue) and Divine Mother (pink) aspects of Source, wholly unified, merging, interweaving creatively, in perfect equilibrium. Midweek, the Green Flame activates the emerald heart healing light, followed by the Golden and White Flames of Resurrection and Ascension, and completing the cycle in the Purple Flame, which clears, frees and transforms through compassion, benevolence, devotion and dedication.

We are asked as a group to hold and focus each of the Sacred Flames through our hearts and beings, radiating out to/through the planet and all life here, connecting with Gaia’s crystalline heart grid and all the high light grids around the Earth, supporting and strengthening its ascension process, in this coming week through to the total solar eclipse on August 21st, as the potential for collective clearing and opening to more Love is high. So here is Saturday’s meditation with the Purple Flame, which brings us back to the Yellow of Sunday ~ through the transformational energy of Compassion, Forgiveness, Creative Passion and Devotion comes the Divine Child, within us all:

Breathe deeply into your heart and relax fully. Breathe…relax… Now visualize a peaceful Purple Flame forming in your heart centre. When the flame feels bright and steady, slowly expand it outward through your whole body and aura field, filling you with loving purple light. Feel your whole being bathed in the vibration of the Purple Flame ~ completely open to the blessings of compassion, forgiveness, mercy, benevolence and the freedom these vibrations bring, bathing in the grace-filled spectrum of the Purple Flame: the Violet of clearing and transformation into Love; the Magenta of emotional freedom, releasing attachment to wants, drives and dramas that limit your connection to the Highest Good; the Purple of unconditional forgiveness and compassion for yourself and all beings; the Deep Purple of surrender to Source, devotion, dedication, and Divinely aligned creative passion.

As you breathe out, let the Purple Flame joyfully radiate further, until it has spread out around the whole planet, immersing all living beings, and the collective conscious field of and around the Earth…with this intention:

We are the Light of Transformation, releasing all limiting energies through Unconditional Forgiveness and Compassion, We are the Freedom of deepest alignment with the Heart of Source, our creative passion flowing in the pure bliss of surrender to Divine Love and Purpose, in the simplicity of Devotion. And So It Is. 

Bathe in the vibration of the sacred Purple Flame, radiate it to All as the Soul of free, eternal Love you are, compassionately flowing the rebirth of highest alignment to Divine Love, everywhere. Let your beautiful Heart smile in the simplicity of Love, and enjoy bathing in the Purple Flame! 🙂


Love, gratitude and blessings to all LoveLighters around the Earth, to our beautiful Agarthan brothers and sisters, Star Family, the Keepers of the Purple Flame, and all beings of Love anchoring and assisting the Ascension.

This completes the sequence of the Seven Sacred Flames aligned with the days of the week. Each of these Flames can also be focused into and visualized at any moment you feel they will be of assistance, whether to you or the collective energetic field. Focusing with the Flames as a regular daily practice strengthens our connection to each of their vibrational qualities, and they can then be very easily connected to at any time. We hope you will continue to enjoy the beauty, peace and joy of working with these Seven Sacred Flames ~ we are truly all imperishable flames, sacred sparks of Source, and are all One.

You can find the whole daily Flames sequence on this page, offered with Love, Peace, Blessings and Joy,

Joanna&Ashura, & our dedicated soul friend Tanabor  ❤



PS: As usual, the group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or if that doesn’t suit, choose another moment, holding the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses.

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