Sunday Meditation June 17

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Greetings beautiful LoveLights  ❤

Love and blessings to everyone joining in this weekend’s meditation, the Light you share through this loving circle is felt and deeply appreciated, in unity with all around this beautiful Earth meditating for planetary ascension, and assisting in various ways. 🙂

This weekend we’re continuing with the Diamond Light meditations of the previous two weeks, bringing it this time through the Sacred Yellow Flame, which corresponds vibrationally with SUNday…in the lead-in to the Solstice on June 21-22nd. (The Yellow Flame is the first of the flames that can be found on the Seven Sacred Flames Meditations page, which you may like to read if you’re new to the Sacred Flame correspondences with the seven days of the week).

So begin with relaxing your whole being deeply…breathing in Light…breathing out Light…breathing in Love…breathing out Love. Connect your Heart of Love with the Heart of beloved Gaia, feeling her unconditional embrace with deep appreciation, and connect with the Heart of Source, infinite Universal Love. Flow your intention to connect with all beings of high Love guiding, assisting and supporting this Ascension process with their beautiful Light, and with all the high light grids around and within earth and throughout the Solar System.

Within your Heart Centre, visualize or hold the intention of a warm Yellow Flame glowing brightly, filling your heart with its radiance and vitality. This Yellow Flame is dancing within the golden light of your Inner Sun, the seat of your Soul’s Light, in this embodiment you are expressing through as a loving anchor of the Ascension Light stream flowing from the Heart of Source…renewing and restoring the vibration of freedom in Love through all of creation, through the dimensions of life returning to the peace, joy and oneness radiating from and through the higher realms of Light to all Life. Playful, joyful, wise creating in flow with the Source, through the open Heart of Innocence/Inner Sense, with this shared intention vibrating through the LoveLight Circle to all:

We are the pure, eternal Joy of Creation, We are Divine Inspiration, the soul radiance of Source’s Heart, We are the simple Wisdom of Trust, expanding in and with Infinite Love forever. And So Be It.

Breathing into the Divine Inner Sun within your being, invite the Diamond Light of Source’s Heart to flow through you, through all of us, in union with the crystalline heart of beloved Gaia and all life here, as she streams this incoming flow wherever it will be of most assistance to this planetary Ascension, for the Highest Good of All. As you breathe out the Diamond Light in unity with Gaia and all guiding beings of Love, flow this intention:

In the eternal vibrant creational flow of pure Diamond Light from the Heart of Source, we are lifted in the bliss of Divine Union, all Life alight, glowing with Joy, growing freely in Love. And So Be It.

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Keep aligning with the Grace and Joy of the high Love Wave flowing deeply in and around this beautiful planet and through all of our hearts and minds ~ with Love and gratitude to you all dear friends, and to all assisting, guiding and supporting the great Shift,

Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor  ❤


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PS: Through this year, we’ll be creatively focusing and energizing many visions and heart intentions within the whole New Earth vibration, bringing it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses.

PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  All of these meditations can of course be used at any time they ‘call’ to you! If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Meditation June 17

    • Dear Adriana, thank you too, for sharing your Divine Light here, and through this group of loving souls. Love and hugs coming back to you ❤ 🙂


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