12~12~12 Gateway Meditation

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Greetings dear LoveLights  🙂

Inward and onward we go…with deepest thanks to everyone who has been aligning Pink Diamond Light around the planet, flowing Divine Feminine Ascension Light into the building 12~12~12 Full Moon Gateway!

A warm welcome to all joining in this meditation circle for the first time, with gratitude always to everyone anchoring Universal Love into this Earth plane. The high light vibrations are rising now toward December 12th, 2019 (12-12-12, which reduces to a 333 spiritual master number), coinciding with this year’s final Full Moon for maximum amplification.

Building on the inflow of the White and Pink Rays, through the high vibration of Pink Diamond Light (Divine Feminine Ascension Light) with December 11th’s Venus-Saturn conjunction, this wave continues cresting now into the Golden Rebirthing Light. Through this 12~12~12 Ascension Gateway, we have a magnificent opportunity to focus the Golden frequency of divine-aligned creation, to bring this frequency into our DNA~RNA, our whole beings, into the subtle planetary DNA, the light-codes of life on Earth, holding in our hearts and visions the already Ascended Earth here and Now, touching, converging, merging into this Earth plane with deepest Love for All.

Working with the sacred triple helix through this 333 Gateway, we’ll bring this Light into our own DNA and RNA strands that have created a bridging helix vibration within our beings and throughout the Earth’s energy field, to anchor divine trinity energies within, and take them forward into the high potential energies of 2020, in union and unison with the Ascended Earth’s stronger ‘ripples of convergence’. And through this Gateway, we’ll hold this vision in our hearts together, of the most harmonious, easeful Shift into New Earth vibrations for all life on this beloved planet.



Begin with breathing deeply into your heart and gently relax. Breathe…relax…know you are cradled in the eternal LoveLight of Source and countless guiding, supporting, protecting Beings of Love….cradled in the pure Light of your Soul….connected in every moment with the Heart of beloved Gaia, and with all assisting soul groups and higher dimensional light-grids around this planet and Solar System.

Feel yourself bathed, embraced and always supported within the Infinite Love of the eternal Source of all Life, radiating through your Soul and soul families in the higher dimensional layers of Light, all those guiding and guarding the planetary Shift, and through all life everywhere. Deep joy flows with this loving group and all within and around the Earth focusing for ascension within this great Wave of Loving Transformation.

Feel the warmest, most peaceful lovelight filling you as you breathe into your heart, radiating from you like a Star as you breathe out, joyful, blissful, in harmony with the Universe, as together we honour the divine soul expression of Infinite Source we all are, and all life is.

As you breathe in the Light of Oneness, know that the whole Earth, the energy field of the planet, all of Gaia’s higher dimensional light-grids, are being bathed continuously in Infinite Unconditional Love, flowing with Divine Presence.

Now as you breathe deeply, imagine every cell and strand within you is softening and opening to the Golden Light of Renewal pouring through this 333 Gateway, re-creating the natural divine codes into every strand of DNA & RNA, every atom and cell within you. Breathe in Golden Light, breathe out Golden Light, filling your whole energy field, all your subtle bodies, your whole aura field. See this Golden Light keep rippling out from you, like golden ripples across a lake, meeting the ripples of every soul holding loving intention for Ascension, for the Highest Good of All.



Now see and feel a pure stream of shimmering Pink Diamond Light flow into you, blending into the Golden Light, feel the warmth, the softness, the lightness of being that vibrates from this merged pink, golden & diamond white light. Feel this blissful light radiating from your Heart, in total Oneness with the Heart of the Source of all Life, with the Heart of Gaia, the sacred inner Heart of Humanity, and let this blended light ripple across the lake of Love you are, all around the world.

Know that this love-sent Light is flowing through all the DNA strands within you, within all life, within the planet and planetary field, resonating with the crystalline DNA~RNA of the New Earth creation energies, converging inner unity naturally, peacefully, easily into this Now, as it flows around the Earth, activating the New Earth’s ascended, original ‘goldenprint’ template of creation.

Let your heart bathe in the bliss of this wondrous transformation you’ve chosen to embody, aligning now within the providence of this pure golden, pink and diamond white light-stream. And as you send this radiance out to all living beings on and around the Earth, as infinite Divine Love for all Life, know that our loving group focus is anchoring light around this planet in Oneness with Gaia and many loving souls working in various ways to bring transformation into the collective energy field.


We call through our beings the highest Ascension potential of Earth, in the pure Divine LoveLight flowing every moment, activating the natural impulse of Love, Compassion and Cherishment within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this Planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and peace. And So BE It.


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Thank you all dear friends on Earth for BEing here, anchoring and flowing the Love you Are. Loving gratitude to you and all beings of Love guiding, supporting and assisting this beautiful planetary ascension. Wishing you all a most beautiful 12~12~12 Gateway and beyond!

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor 🙂




PS: Through this year, we’ll continue to creatively focus and energize many visions and heart intentions within the ascended New Earth vibration, assisting to bring it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses.

PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, unless otherwise advised; if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  These meditations can be used at any time they ‘call’ to you, and are shared as a guide ~ if you feel inspired to continue with them or expand upon them in your own creative ways, feel free to do so! If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them (or similar) before all group focuses. Namaste.


*With love and thanks to the unknown artwork creators whose pictures appear in this post.

10 thoughts on “12~12~12 Gateway Meditation

  1. <3*~Love~*<3 This is beautiful! I can still feel the pulsing energy as I type this. In visualizing the lake I saw figures (spirits) of golden light come and join me. We made a circle around the water and opened our hands. Linked together by energy. Thank you for this lovely guided meditation and healing exercise. Light & Love!

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  2. Oh, thank you! 🙂 What a beautiful vision and flow through the ‘light lake’ with the beings of Love. Blessings of the Light & Love coming back to you ❤ 🙂


  3. Thanks dear JayStar 🙂 What a Gateway! It has come through with some pressure (thinking of you and all in the UK) but nonetheless, the Light Flow has been anchored by a great many loving souls around the world, and is now active in the Earth field through the rest of December and into 2020…. 🙂 With love and thanks to you SiStar, and All holding the LoveLight in the Earth plane! Whew! ❤

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