Sunday Meditations 2020

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Welcome dear LoveLights  🙂

Greetings to all joining in these LoveLight Circle Meditations for the first time, and love and gratitude as always to everyone bringing loving focus through these meditations together. Star Family and the Light Realms thank everyone continuing to ground the Ascension through our hearts and beings, in all ways and forms we feel inspired.

Through the rest of 2020 we’ll continue focusing every Sunday with meditations that anchor and realize the New Earth within our beings and the collective energy field. We’ll be connecting deeply with the already ascended planet, cultivating and building awareness of the ascended presence within us all through the year…and radiating this continuous connection into the current Shift of precious Earth and all life upon it.

Join in weekly New Earth convergence meditations, let’s keep steadily aligning and energizing the most loving, benevolent, compassionate ascension pathway in Unity. See this page:


Alongside regular Sunday meditations, we’ll continue with focus-points through 2020’s energetic gateways; solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and significant planetary alignments that have the potential to increase and anchor higher vibrations in this Earth field.

Through this last week of October, our meditation call to anchor a very beneficial planetary aspect between Jupiter & Neptune that goes through to October 30th continues. If you feel an inner call to join in this focus (daily or whenever you can), see the meditation in this post:

October 12th-30th 2020, Planetary Alignment for Compassion

Also, whenever you feel an inner call, all of us can assist the vibrational equilibrium and divine alignment of the Earth’s energy field with beloved Gaia, by visualizing, making a crystal grid, and/or holding the intention of the Flower of Life sacred geometry pattern around the planet. Be creative, lovely friends, listen to your intuition, connect with Gaia, heart to heart. Below is a suggested ongoing ‘golden-green template’, and if you feel to work with other colours, go for it!

See the Flower of Life in golden-white shining light all around the Earth, and as you breathe in, feel yourself breathing in Love with Gaia, in Oneness with Ascended Earth, and as you breathe out, breathe out Love & Ascension with her to her Earthly body, humanity, the animals and plants, and all life travelling with her through and into this Divinely Aligned Planetary Ascension. Breathe in emerald green light, breathe out emerald green light, feel the life energy of your being, the planet, humanity and all living beings aligning naturally with the New Earth, with every breath. See the Earth immersed in golden-green light, the restoration of the pure Heart vibration of Love in, on and around the Earth in this Now. And So BE It.

If this resonates for you, please hold this or a similar focus and intention every day. Let’s keep building the energy. We’re all in this Together as One!

Deepest thanks and love to everyone joining in here, or anchoring Ascension in any way that calls to you, and deepest thanks and love to the many beings of Love guiding, guarding, assisting and supporting this planetary Shift.

Love, Joy & Peace to All,

Joanna&Ashura&Friends 💖

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PS:  Group meditations are ‘time-flexible’. If you like the rhythm of a continuous meditation time, we suggest 12:12pm in your time zone, unless otherwise advised. However, whenever it suits you best to come into our meditation focuses, we encourage you to hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  LoveLight Circle Meditations can be used at any time they ‘call’ to you, and are shared as a guide ~ if you feel inspired to continue with them or expand upon them in your own creative ways, feel free to do so! If you’re new to meditation or the LoveLight Circle, we suggest these Meditation Guidelines and advise beginning with them (or similar) before group focuses. Namaste.

With love&gratitude to all unknown artists whose images appear in these posts.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Meditations 2020

  1. When I feel low ….these connections to heightened vibrations make me feel light as a feather…. there’s not a pain in my body. Only a warmth as if I were floating near the sun.
    I don’t know what I would feel without these risings… There’s no heaviness, no unhappy thoughts. Only a communion & a melding into something so simple & yet it’s perplexing.

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  2. Dearest Janice, I’ve been away&offline this week..just back to focus IN with the beautiful alignments this weekend, and sending a big Heart Hugs to you Star Sister 💖 Keep floating with the Sun, sweet Angel, and anchoring with the beautiful Heart of Gaia…love&blessings to you, Joanna&Ashura&LovingCo 💚🌞🌎


    • Joanna,
      You’ve been on my mind & ❤ a lot. Just as I was to get back with responding to your very enlightening message….our state here in America was hit with a devastating ice storm which knocked out power lines and destroyed many trees and land crops. Many are still without electricity or heat. Blessedly, the sun shone brightly with sunbeam rays of warmth so intense yet inviting to even the smallest of creatures or plants. Mankind in my region has not given up hope of overcoming the dark days of the pandemic or the coming influenza months of what could be a compounding problem. But the human spirit shone brighter even the sun dear celestial sister! We were not discouraged. Our brothers & sisters came gladly and boldly out to help and heal one another and the 🦋Earth Mother Gaia🦋 Upon looking up in the wide skies what did we see above our ice torn cities & communities but none other than so many Lightworkers & Angels too many to count! Above our family home a set of Angelic Wings were set in the sky as a reminder that we truly are among Ministering Angels. I saw many with what I can only describe as lightening rods/bolts. I believe also within a fast consecutive capture with my camera of a still set place in the sky revealed one of your possible known lightships who was I just know was waving at me as he flew by! Only upon darkening the photo a bit, was I able to make out the visible figure of a bearded robed man. We were delighted to witness such an outpouring of love & an essence of compassion from all sky & lightbeings who only wished to aid us in restoration & regrowth! Tears have fallen softly down this sister’s cheek all week. … but I look up and all I see are miracles.
      Love to you star sister and the many star seeds of our kind.
      There is something I need to tell you. Although, perhaps at another time. I receive many visits from Ministering Angels with messages.. the downloads of information come not often but are full of locked & sealed revelations. Much to do with Nibiru known to all as Planet X.
      A Terrestrial Planet named “Pateus” is also spoke of which is the 3rd planet in its system and is a made of metal & rock orbiting its Giant Red Star/X4GDG872Z, along with its sibling planets Characc, & Gamila.
      A “Ministering Spirit” who’s only signature given for me to record was: “my soul my source.” & a female spirit who accompanied him who’s only job was to aid in my understanding of his spoken words which if needed repeating this female spirit would do so. The “Ministering Spirit” never repeated any word he gave me.
      As I was awoken many times as times before near midnight I was instructed to receive transmission and download of a message. Each message occurring on any given night between the hours of midnight & 5-6 A.M. It always takes around this long just to download what appears in writing to be only a page or so long, but seemed much longer and took so many hours to retrieve. I must do so alone in the quiet hours of morning is what is instructed. Right now I’m only told to take instruction, record & to listen. I have often been told after inquiring that I hear due to higher receptivity. That those who are attuned are to retrieve & store & eventually relay and release the given information are being utilized as conduit.
      Anyway, I thought I would share with you what the better part of each day is for me.
      Be well & always aware soul cousin, Janice


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