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Greetings All, and welcome to the LoveLight Meditation Circle.  🙂

Everyone is very welcome to join in our Sunday Meditations, just come along with your loving heart and dedication to the ascension of this beautiful planet, and your innate ability to envision, dream, intend and anchor through your Being the New Earth and humanity’s transformation to higher love, unity consciousness, peace and joy. 🙂

If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle, please read the Meditation Guidelines Page for some simple practices we recommend as preparation for personal or group meditation focuses, to help centre in your heart and keep your energy field clean and strong at all times.

Our regular Sunday Meditations are aligned with 12:12pm in your timezone, working with the Divine Harmony Master number 33 and the Universal sequence key number 144, where 12:12 = 3:3 (33) and 12×12 = 144. If you’re not able to join in at 12:12, that’s okay. Time is fluid, so make a moment that suits you…and hold the loving intention that the light and energy you send meets and merges with the 12:12 group energy. For all of us participating, hold the intention that whatever we contribute as a group unifies and flows with all souls of love & goodwill around the globe, as many are focusing individually or in groups/communities on Sundays around the globe, or indeed daily. Everyone is welcome and called upon to consciously join this collective momentum and keep building the Love Wave!

LoveLight Circle Meditations are flexible ~ sometimes with a general planetary focus, and sometimes with more specific focuses when called upon, such as ley lines and node points, or various layers of the higher vibrational grids (Gaia’s Crystalline Heart Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, the Christ Light Grid, the Phoenix Grid, the 6D Harmonic Grid, the planetary merkaba etc). As our Circle is a shared space and energy, anyone who feels inspired to do so is very welcome to suggest a particular Sunday focus for the group. We also post meditations for some of the planetary alignments that have subtle effects on the Earth’s magnetic field (and vibration) such as solar and lunar eclipses, and on the 11th of each month we share a DNA Activation.

Feel free to share meditation suggestions or requests by commenting below, or to me (Joanna) via email to meriashar@gmail.com. No matter how specific or broad our meditation focuses are, they will always be completed by radiating the combined LoveLight we raise as a group around the whole planet, to all life, all living beings here, in connection with our Sun, Galaxy and Universe, with Source and all beings of Love everywhere.

Thank you and heart hugs for sharing your LoveLight, and co-creating with us each Sunday in service to the planetary ascension and to all life.

Love & Blessings,

Joanna&Ashura & Family ❤