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Sunday Meditation February 25


Welcome all dear LoveLights ❤

This weekend we’re continuing on from last Sunday’s meditation, where we grew and blossomed the feeling of deep inner connection with the great network of Love around the Earth, Solar System, galaxy and universe, and aligned this focused connection through our Hearts and Beings to beloved Gaia, into the already existing New Earth of peace, harmony and joy…where all Light and all beings of Love can connect freely, fruitfully and joyously, and our star families of higher dimensional LoveLight are connecting with Earth openly in an atmosphere of beautiful sharing and togetherness. 🙂

Let’s begin again with centering in our Hearts, breathing in Love into every cell of our beings, breathing out Love to all life on Earth. Feel this shared Love Wave pooling in your being, pooling in the centre of the Earth, and radiating out beyond the Earth through the Solar System of planets, and further, into our galactic neighbourhood. Feel the star of light in your Heart radiating, pure golden light bathing and strengthening the integrity of your torus field, as you connect with the Heart of beloved Gaia and the infinite, eternal Heart of Source, then with all the grids of high light around the Earth, flowing at a galactic level with divine light that connects all life, all consciousness everywhere.

We invite you now to hold the clear vision and intention of meeting with (y)our star brothers and sisters of the realms of highest Love, on the ground with us all, their beautiful lightships of various crystalline colours and shapes on or close to the Earth, as our cherished star friends and families greet us in the softly shimmering, life-filled fields and seasides, parks and homes of the ascended Earth. All our hearts are full of joy, which is met by the warm pure glow of loving beings that have always been present…just slightly veiled until we stepped into full re-alignment with our hearts of Love, our souls’ purposes of co-creating grace, harmony, light and laughter. Now, in this energy of glad reconnection and reunion, we can truly delight in being and creating together, filled with inspiration, interweaving our energies as One.

And So Be It.

With so much love, blessings and gratitude to you all, beautiful LoveLights, and to all our brothers, sisters and friends of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Intergalactic Confederation and all beings of Love supporting the planetary ascension of Gaia and all life here,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤


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PS: Through this year, we’ll be creatively focusing and energizing many visions and heart intentions within the whole New Earth vibration, bringing it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses.

PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses. Namaste.

Sunday Meditation July 30

Greetings all dear LoveLights  ❤

Today we’re continuing with anchoring through our hearts and beings, and around the world to all life, the Ascension Light flowing to Gaia from Source. Thank you and blessings to all who have been  guiding in and anchoring the flow from the new Light of Kamura these last few weeks. Today we’d like to offer a specific visualization, aligned with and from the imagery in this picture (aligned through Ashtar’s higher angelic energies).

ashtar33 (1) - Copy

So centre and breathe into your Heart, feel the pillar of pure Light you are, connecting from the Heart of Source to the Heart of Gaia, with unconditional Love for the Earth and all Life here and everywhere. Hold your intention to connect with the 5D Crystalline Heart grid, the Christ Light grid, the Angelic grid, the Phoenix grid and the Unity Consciousness grid, as a pure, free-flowing conduit and anchor for the higher dimensional in-flow of Love.

Within your Heart Centre, visualize a Golden Cup, and that from the Heart of Source a Dove of pure white light is descending, down through the pillar you Are, the sacred spirit of Love….and as it touches the Golden Cup, the Cup begins to overflow with this sacred white light. This light streams in all directions, through your heart and your whole being, bathing you in Divine Love, then flowing out all around the Earth, immersing its whole energy field and all life here in this pure LoveLight.

Feel the Oneness of all Life, held in the protecting blue light mantle of the Angels and Lion Beings, as all life is restored, renewed and resurrected to harmonious alignment with Source through Divine Will and Love….white light flowing continuously through the Golden Cup, through the Inner Golden Sun that we all are, in Oneness with the eternal radiating Joy, Grace and Providence of Source.

And So Be It. It is Done.

In all Love, Light, Peace and Unity with everyone meditating via the LoveLight Circle and all around the planet today and every day for Love and Ascension, and the Divine Many assisting and guiding from higher dimensions,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤



PS: As usual, the group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or if that doesn’t suit, another moment, holding the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines


PPS: You can read more about Kamura and the new Ascension Light in this post at Heart Star: The Light of Kamura