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Sunday Meditation January 7

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Welcome to 2018, dear LoveLights! ❤

As we come into the Light of this new year, with energies of clarification, purity, clearing and adjusting to the frequencies going up a notch throughout the Earth Grid and supporting vibrational grids of high Light around the planet, we’re seeing and feeling the ignition of a deepening alignment of the New Earth…the Earth that already exists in a fifth dimensional crystalline light expression based in unconditional love, inner peace, unity, kindness, sharing, and a natural delight in everything!

With this ignition in the grids, we’re asked ~ and inviting all ~ to ignite deeply, embrace within ourselves, build and envision the New Earth together, with clear and steady focus throughout this year, in the spirit of pure love and joy. 🙂 Intending and envisioning with a joyful heart, put yourself in touch now with the you ~ with the all-of-us ~ that already exists in the radiant ascended Earth, living in effortless well-being and connectedness with the Divine in All.

So let’s start by breathing into our heart centres, deep and relaxed, breathing in Love, breathing out Love, connecting from our hearts to the Heart of Gaia, and the Heart of Source, within a pillar of pure diamond light that radiates naturally through us into the light grids in unison with all the beings of Love assisting planetary ascension, into the Earth….a shimmering wave of diamond light gently moving around the planet, through all of humanity, the animals, the plant world, the crystal and mineral  kingdoms….with the golden breath of Source flowing through it, everywhere.

Smile within, feel a big joyful smile forming inside you, with love for everything…and focus into your ascended form, feel the soles of your feet upon ground that glows with an inner shimmer of visible light and life, brimming with vitality and the pulse of creative joy. Feel how this Life-Light, born of highest Love, is radiating softly through your body, through all your subtle crystalline DNA strands, atoms and cells, and how natural this body-state feels to you. How light and easy it feels. How strong and supple you feel ~ body, mind and soul completely in harmony, centered through your beautiful expansive heart, open and flowing with the energy of plenitude.

Feel your ‘lightness of being’, let your heart soar and connect with the lightness of being all around you, expressing in countless wonderful and magical ways, which we are all adding and contributing to, energizing together in unity, for the well-being of each other and all, for the benefit of all beings, and for beloved Gaia in this highly activated co-creative partnership. Let’s Cherish, and allow the beautiful, infinite energy of Love to flow and anchor the New Earth within and through us!

Much Love and Blessings everyone….heartfelt thanks to you all, and to all our star family and Loving Ones supporting and amplifying the Ascension,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤


PS: Through this year, we’ll be creatively focusing and energizing many visions and heart intentions within the whole New Earth vibration, bringing it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses. ❤


PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses. Namaste.


Sunday Meditation December 24th

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Welcome all LoveLights ❤

This weekend we’re completing a sequence of three Diamond Light meditations, focusing with the pure Diamond Light that activated with the 12:12, aligned more deeply into the Earth Grid and high light grids supporting the Earth’s ascension during the Solstice, and steadying in its flow through Christmas into the New Year.

We’ll be intending/visualizing merged Golden and Diamond Light around the planet ~ the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness radiating clear, strong and pure through the Christ Light grid, overlighted by the Soul Light of Jesus Immanuel Sananda, blending with the shining Diamond Light of the Heart of Source, this perfect Oneness that dwells within the core of all our hearts. Firstly, prepare for meditation (see guidelines if you’re new here), connecting your heart with the Heart of Source and the Heart of Gaia, with all beings of highest Love and the pure light grids supporting Ascension. Breathe Love into your heart centre, breathe out Love ~ breathe in the Golden Christ Light, breathe out the Golden Christ Light ~ breathe in Divine Blessings, breathe out Divine Blessings ~ breathe in Source, breathe out Source, the truth of what we all are.

Feel yourself standing within a waterfall of Golden Light, pouring through and all around you, warm, clear, nourishing, restoring all energies to the original Goldenprint of Life, in a stream of new creation, a sacred moment of birth. Envision a ball of pure Diamond Light forming in your Heart centre as you bathe in the Golden Light waterfall, powerfully radiant,  beaming from your Heart with all the colours of the rainbow and more that flow in the higher realms….now flowing into your heart centre until it has formed a beautiful bright ball. Feel this exquisite merging of the Golden Christ Light and the pure Diamond Light within you, and radiate it as a divinely joyous gift of Love all around you, rippling all around the Earth, in union with everyone holding this focus from their heart, and with all souls meditating with Love and assisting Ascension everywhere.

Let your whole being relax in deep peace, immersed in this LoveLight, welcoming it into every cell and every layer of your subtle bodies, as it ripples continuously all around the planet, with Infinite Love for all beings on Earth and throughout the Multiverse.

May the perfect Golden Diamond Light restore the vibration of all life to harmonious alignment with Source, easing and gracefully amplifying Ascension in the purest blissful LoveLight, in the deepest peace and joy. And So Be It. 

With love and gratitude to you All, wishing you a beautiful, sacred ‘Christ Mass within’ and happy festive season, with loving thanks to Jesus Sananda&Lady Nada and all the Christed Lights of Infinite Love,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤




PS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses. Namaste.