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March 28th Full Moon Meditation

Greetings dear LoveLights 🥰✨

For anyone who would like to join in a Full Moon meditation on March 28th, we’re flowing with an arc of Ascension Light-coded frequencies supporting New Earth Consciousness that was planted on the last New Moon, supercharged through the March Equinox, and has continued amplifying up to a peak with this Full Moon. To all who aligned and anchored the Divine LoveLight through those focus moments ~ and in any moment, in any way that has called you ~ up to Full Moon, love and gratitude, and to all joining in here for the first time, welcome heart hugs to you around the world! 💛🌏

We’re calling the White Ray, the pure Diamond Light of Ascension, through this Full Moon to fill the Earth, the light-grids, the collective energy field, and the whole sub-lunar field, with the vibration of pure Infinite Eternal Love…streaming in through this Full Moon (and in every moment), through every open Heart, to clear, calm and raise all energies in the 4D field, through the stillness of the inner zero-point into the spiralling currents of 4D spacetime, astral and etheric planes…lifting and cleansing the field, realigning all turgid or dense vibrations back to peaceful, smooth, eased and graceful motion, and radiating throughout the 3D-projected field of expression, igniting higher awareness…softly, gently, yet with deep and unshakeable momentum.

Breathe deeply now, breathe into your heart, come into your centre…breathing in love, filling every cell with love, breathing out love to All…breathing in light, filling every cell with light, breathing out light to All.

As you breathe in, know that you are the One Source expressing for the joy of expressing, through its Infinite Sea of Creation, throughout universes, galaxies, planets, atoms, all beings, and in the cherished energy ‘form-focus’ of each and every Being right Now on Earth. You are the infinite AM, beyond ‘I’, beyond all dimensional planes of creational expression, yet holding this fine-pointed focus of ‘self-awareness’ here, with beloved Gaia, within this planetary ascension, with this unfolding New Earth. One-within-the-ONE, radiating from the ONE, as we all are…and in this Now we choose to Unify the Source Light we all are, consciously on this plane and around this planet, for the Divine Well-Being of All.

Breathe and relax, let yourself feel the endless love, joy and well-being of the Infinite Source Field, of the divine soul-sparks we all are, radiating from beautiful Oversouls like a sea of stars radiating beams of pure, clear Light in every direction, through many universes, through many dimensional planes of expression. Know that we are always assisted and supported by countless Loving Beings in service to Divine Love, by the Source that radiates the loving impulse of Ascension, Renewal and Restoration of Divine Harmony and Joy everywhere throughout existence.

Let your heart connect with the heart of Gaia, and with the whole field of energy in, on and around this planet and Solar System, within this galaxy, within the Infinite Sea of Creation, as we focus our loving intention Now ~ aligning the Divine Harmony and Restoration of pure Universal Love, Grace & Light in our hearts, in union with the Heart of Gaia and the infinite Source-Heart of All, together as One in the eternal radiance of Blessings, with Love for All on Earth and Everywhere.

And know that the pure radiance of the White Ray is bathing every atom and cell, shimmering as brilliant yet supersoft Diamond White Light through our DNA, RNA, subtle fields, and that of the Earth and all Life here, aligned always with the Universal Golden Harmonic of Creationand amplified Now through this beautiful March Full Moon of 2021:

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we call the Divine White Ray of Ascension to flow through our Hearts and radiate through our Beings all around this planet, upholding the re-newed New Earth of Universal Love and Peace for the Well-Being of All, in Oneness with Gaia.

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we call the Divine White Ray to fully align the Prime Harmonic of Creation, anchoring collective Ascension in our Hearts and flowing through our Beings Now with Gaia for the blossoming of All in Oneness with Universal Love and the New Earth.

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we call the sparkling Diamond Light of the Heart of the Source to infuse our Beings, this planet, the collective consciousness field and all its co-creations, with the Love and Nurture radiating eternally through its omniversal fields of expression, to uplift, cleanse and harmonize all energies in Universal Love. We ground the Divine White Ray of Ascension through the Sacred Heart within us All, within Gaia’s crystalline Heart…and within the constant harmonic field of the Flower of Life around the Earth, now shimmering and sparkling with pure Diamond Light.

Through the Source-AMness we Are, in Unity with all love anchors around the Earth supporting Ascension, we ground the White Ray with beloved Gaia, for the New Earth, with the Divine Many of the realms and planes of unified Light, in Love & Gratitude. May Love’s Infinite Blessings radiate and be received everywhere in, on and around the Earth, clearing, dissolving, transmuting, uplifting, lightening all energies, all humanity and all beings, in the Spirit of Oneness and Eternal Love. So Be It. So It IS. It Is Done.

Thank you all beautiful love anchors on the ground!

Love, Joy & Peace to All in this New Age of Gaia, with gratitude to the Light Beings of many realms and dimensions supporting the New Earth frequencies,

Joanna&Ashura&Friends ✨💗🌸

*For more about grounding the White Ray and other Source Rays in their Divine Flame energies, see The Seven Sacred Flames Meditations.

May 7th Full Moon Meditation

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Greetings dear LoveLights  🙂

Thank you all for your loving presence with this month’s Full Moon (and always!). May’s Full Moon has in many traditions been regarded as the moment each lunar year when there is the most metaphysical light around the Earth, celebrated as Buddha’s birthday, Hanuman’s birthday, and the birthdays of many sages…and one of its names is the ‘Flower Moon’, which we’ll work with in this Full Moon Meditation.

From a cosmic vibrational perspective, this Full Moon is within an arc of Venus alignments that began on April 26th, with a conjunction with the Moon, directly aligned with the star Aldebaran that night, that flowed into Venus being at her brightest for the year on April 27th (with 27% of her surface illuminated).

DSC03847 - Copy

The Moon & Venus in conjunction, with Venus at lower right and Aldebaran left of the Moon, April 26th 2020.

We’ll share more about the energy this alignment brought through into the Earth field in the next post at Heart Star, but for today, we’re attuning with this Supermoon for amplifying high vibrations in the Earth’s energy field, to breathe in and anchor this beautiful stream of Venus Rose energies now peaking through the Flower Moon (and culminating through a Venus~Mercury conjunction on May 22nd).

So let’s relax now and breathe deeply, breathing in Love, breathing out Love, centering in our hearts, in the unity of this meditation circle, in Oneness with all people around the planet holding loving focus for planetary ascension in whatever way calls to them. We are One Love, all the way, flowing in unity.

Knowing we are held constantly in the highest Light, as beings of Divine Light aligning together in Love for Gaia and the Source of All Creation, as conduits and anchors for the most beautiful, joyful, benevolent pathway of Planetary Ascension, we open our hearts to the Divine Rose Mother Light flowing from the soul of Venus to Gaia and all living beings on Earth, in Oneness with all supporting beings of Love who are guiding the Venus LoveLight into the Earth’s energy field, light-grids and collective consciousness.

We open to these sweet vibrations of love and warmth being enhanced through this May 7th Full Moon, the peaceful embrace of the Soul of Venus flowing through the purifying 7D vibration of Divine Grace radiating from the Flower Moon, activating peace and grace within our beings and all around the Earth, dissolving old limiting programmes from the collective subconscious, realigning humanity and all life on Earth Now to Freedom in Infinite Love, Together in unity, we anchor the Grace now dissolving old limiting beliefs and imprints into Rose LoveLight, refreshing and recoding with Freedom in Love, in gentle Aqua Light.

As we anchor this flow, we can see/feel the Earth held and embraced within the soft, crystalline light of a Rose of Divine Grace, emanating from Venus, amplified by the Full Moon, and vibrationally aligned with Light radiating from the centre of the Universe, through our Galactic Central Sun, through many beautiful Stars of Light to our Sun, Solaris, into the Solar System, into Gaia, into our Beings, as light-filled conduits for the galactic central creation codes to flow straight and true into this Earth plane, vibrating into and through this density field with Infinite Love.

All beings are held in the Venus & ‘Flower Moon’ vibration, bathed in the vibrational message of feeling safe in a loving Universe in every moment, as pure, natural Light Codes of Divine Creation flow in, stabilizing the highest Ascension Pathway for New Earth and all life to flourish in.

We call through our beings the highest convergence of Ascended Earth, in the pure Divine LoveLight flowing every moment, activating the natural impulse of Love, Compassion and Cherishment within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this Planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and peace. And So BE It.


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Deepest thanks and love to everyone joining in here, or anchoring Ascension in any way that calls to you, and deepest thanks and love to the many beings of Love guiding, guarding, assisting and supporting this planetary Shift.

Love, Joy & Peace to All,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor&Friends  🙂


Orb radiating from Venus toward the Moon, during the Venus~Moon conjunction on April 26th 2020. ‘Lady Venus’ (the Soul of Venus) can be seen in the centre of the orb, surrounded by green heart chakra light, with deep rose tones radiating from her.




PS:  Group meditations are ‘time-flexible’. If you like the rhythm of a continuous meditation time, we suggest 12:12pm in your time zone, unless otherwise advised (for particular alignments).  However, whenever it suits you best to come into our meditation focuses, we encourage you to hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  LoveLight Circle Meditations can be used at any time they ‘call’ to you, and are shared as a guide ~ if you feel inspired to continue with them or expand upon them in your own creative ways, feel free to do so! If you’re new to meditation or the LoveLight Circle, we suggest beginning with these Meditation Guidelines (or similar) before group focuses. Namaste.


With love&gratitude to all unknown artists whose images appear in these posts. The moon image at the top of this post comes from an artwork by Geya Shvekova.

Equinox Meditation March 20-21, 2019


Greetings beautiful LoveLights  🙂

Welcome to this March 2019 Equinox meditation! Welcome all joining in here for the first time, and gratitude as always to everyone bringing your Inner Divine Light through this circle, and around the Earth through so many expressions of Unconditional Love!  ❤

For this Equinox, coinciding with a Full Supermoon and swiftly followed by the passage of an asteroid (small but augmented by its convergence with the Equinox-Full Moon higher dimensional frequencies) on March 22nd, we’re anchoring Divine Diamond Light vibrations already flowing into Gaia’s energy field, providing crystallized anchor-points and conduits for this pure Ascension Light around the Earth. Star family recommend that we focus with the crystal properties within our physical bodies to ground this bountiful light flow into and through our bodies and energy fields, as loving receivers and radiators for the Diamond Light.




Begin with breathing deeply into your heart and gently relax. Breathe…relax…know you are cradled in the eternal LoveLight of Source and countless guiding, supporting, protecting Beings of Love….cradled in the pure Light of your Soul….connected in every moment with the Heart of beloved Gaia, and with all assisting soul groups and higher dimensional light-grids around this planet and Solar System.

Feel yourself bathed, embraced and always supported by the infinite Love of your Soul, your soul families in the higher dimensional layers of Light, by those guiding and guarding the planetary Shift, and the eternal Source of all Life. Deep joy flows with this loving group and all around the Earth focusing for ascension, within this great Wave of Loving Transformation.

Feel the warmest, most peaceful lovelight filling you as you breathe into your heart, and feel this light radiating from you like a Star as you breathe out, serene, blissful, in harmony with the Universe. Honour the divine soul expression of the Infinite Source you are ~ we all are ~ all life is ~ and as you breathe in the Light of Oneness, and breathe out, imagine a shining stream of Diamond Light is flowing down through your central column from the Heart of Source, pooling in your Heart Star. Feel the shimmery quality of this light bathing your heart and whole being, blissful and serene.



See/feel this beautiful Diamond Light of Ascension filling the star merkaba around your physical form. You merkaba spins smoothly and evenly, in perfect equilibrium, as it is supercharged with this fine sparkling light. Keep breathing in this light, let it pool in your heart centre, and radiate outward to fill your merkaba as you breathe out.

Now bring your focus to your cellular level, into the watery molecules and crystalline structures throughout your body…and hold the intention, the loving acceptance, of this sparkling Diamond Light anchoring within all these crystals throughout your body…flowing into the calcium crystals within your bones and the calcite crystals within your inner ears, into the apatite crystals in your tooth enamel, into the many crystal formations within your body organs and fluids. See the Diamond Light ‘lighting up’ your DNA-RNA strands until they shine like starlight. As it flows and anchors within your physical body’s ‘crystal attributes’, so any disharmonious constructs melt into this Light, and transform into patterns of pure Divine order, the patterns of glowing, shimmering well-being.

As you bathe in this glorious Light, feel the Star you are radiating the Diamond Light, as though you are a divine crystal transceiver ~ receiving and transmitting this light in unison with the Diamond pulses radiating from Gaia’s Heart, and from a multitude of loving beings, all around the Earth, connected with our Sun and the Galactic Central Sun, anchoring golden solar codes into the diamond radiance spread around this planet. Just as this Light vibrates within our crystalline structures and watery cells, so all the crystalline and fluid aspects of the Earth, the oceans, and within all living beings, vibrate and resonate with this Light in this Now.



We call through our Heart Stars the pure Diamond Light of Eternal Love, infused with the Golden-white Light radiating from the Source of all Creation to and through the Heart of all Life on Earth and Everywhere, ascending all vibrations to Divine Presence in Love, in loving awareness of the Sacred Spirit within all energy, all beings, through the infinite expanses of Light. 

All is One Love. All is Well in every moment, and we affirm this through the Love we Are, divine and eternal. And So BE It.



Love & Gratitude to you all, dear friends, lovers and anchors of Ascension on Earth and everywhere, through all the dimensions of Light,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤



PS: Through this year, we’ll continue to creatively focus and energize many visions and heart intentions within the ascended New Earth vibration, assisting to bring it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses.

PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  These meditations can be used at any time they ‘call’ to you, and are shared as a guide ~ if you feel inspired to continue with them or expand upon them in your own creative ways, feel free to do so! If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them (or similar) before all group focuses. Namaste.


*Image credits: ‘Love for Humanity’ frozen water crystal by Dr Masuro Emoto; ‘diamond light’ DNA photograph by Ron Miller (from Scientific American); Comet Ison photograph from Hubble Telescope, courtesy NASA. With love and thanks also to the unknown artwork creators whose pictures appear in this post.

Sunday Meditation March 4



Greetings beautiful LoveLights! ❤

As always, immense gratitude to everyone holding focus with this amazing, miraculous (and sometimes intense) Planetary Ascension journey we’re all part of and deeply involved with….and let yourself take in a deep breath now, to appreciate the joy of being consciously aware of this transformational Shift, inner-and-outer-as-One. Remember however you feel inspired to BE the LoveLight radiating this vibration through your own being, to all humanity and life on Earth within the greater Universal Embrace ~ through which infinite Love is continuously streaming ~ it’s all serving, supporting and assisting All-as-One when it comes through pure Heart-Centered focus.

With the meditations offered here, whether you activate them in your being through deep meditation, weave them into another practice or focus, use them as an ‘inspiration springboard’ for a more developed visualization, or simply read through them with an open heart and clear intention to amplify their vibration internally and into the collective, it’s all beneficial. So thank you always, and a warm welcome to newcomers. 🙂

This week, we’re focusing with Rose Light, to follow on and deepen the integration of the Full Moon alignment two days ago, which guiding ones spoke of as a ‘Rose Moon’. If leading into or during this Full Moon felt intense for you, physically, mentally or emotionally, you might like to begin the meditation today with the Sacred Flame that is connected with SUNday, the beautiful Yellow Flame, which you can find on this page. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect instantly with the joyful, light-hearted Divine Child Within, and transmute any residual tensions. And we always suggest for everyone, activating your Heart Star, Golden Apple, and Soul Alignment beforehand as shared on the Meditation Guidelines page.


So to begin now, centre gently in your Heart of Love, breathe and relax. Breathe in Love, breathe out Love, breathe in warm calm Rose Light, and breathe out this tender Rose Light. Feel the LoveLight within you connecting with Gaia’s heart, with Source, and with all beings in, on and around the planet guiding and assisting Ascension. Feel your inner Light connecting with our sun Solaris, open to the higher light flowing from and through the Sun, through the Solar Grid ~ the high light grid holding the Solar System ~ guided by the beautiful Solar Beings of Love. Hold the intention to connect with all the grids of supporting high light in and around the Earth, and see a pink rose forming in your heart centre-point.

See this Rose opening and filling with Solar Rays of pure well-being, abundance and alignment with Source, and feel this infinite stream of radiance pouring through you, filling you with total joy and unlimited trust. As you do this, the Rose grows and expands around you…then continues growing all the way around the Earth, and out past the Moon as pure Rose Light infused with Golden Rays, creating an exquisite vibrational sphere of LoveLight around the Earth and Moon. Pure, peaceful unity is immersing their vibrational relationship, lifting it higher, freeing it of all limiting factors, dissolving any lower programme thoughtforms and energies held in the collective consciousness about the dynamic of Earth and Moon.

In the warm Divine Feminine embrace of Rose Light and the joyful Solar Rays of the Divine Child, all is brought into highest alignment and vibration, and we see and hold the intention of this cleared, rebirthed relationship of Earth and Moon held now within the clear Sapphire Blue Light of the steady protecting strength of the Divine Masculine.


All is One. All is Love. Love is All.  ❤

With so much Love and Gratitude to all of you joining in and contributing your loving Light, and to all the guiding Lights of this Ascension. Blessings for a beautiful week!

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤


3-fold-flame-300x300 - Copy


PS: Through this year, we’ll be creatively focusing and energizing many visions and heart intentions within the whole New Earth vibration, bringing it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses.

PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  All of these meditations can of course be used at any time they ‘call’ to you! If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses. Namaste.