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Sunday Meditation October 22

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Welcome all beautiful LoveLights ❤

Thank you to everyone who has been joining in these meditations, and a warm welcome to all newcomers this SUNday. 🙂 Thank you all for shining the Sacred Light of your Hearts in dedication to the Ascension of Earth and all life here, miraculously in progress. Today we are asked to focus with strengthening the Earth Grid, which is a composite high vibrational grid formed through an interweaving of the Crystalline Heart Grid of Gaia (which radiates from the higher dimensional planetary core), the Unity Consciousness Grid of collective human intent for Love, Peace and Unity around the Earth, and the planet’s internal meridian network through which life force/chi flows. If you’re unfamiliar with what Light Grids are and do, we suggest reading this new page before this SUNday meditation:

Light Grids & Gridwork

Breathe deeply and relax…breathe…relax…breathe into your Heart Centre, feel it glowing with warm and steady Love, beautiful soft golden light flowing from the Heart of Source through your Heart Star, radiating through your entire being, warming and revitalizing…your heart of love connecting to the Heart of Gaia. Feel or see the beautiful Light moving throughout her Crystalline Heart Grid, through the Earth and spreading out around the planet’s magnetic field, its surrounding torus…and that this whole energy field is being constantly bathed in the pure divine Light of the Angelic Grid, the golden restorative Light of the Christ Consciousness Grid, the soft yet powerful rebirthing golden-white flame of the Phoenix Grid, the gentle fluid light wave of the 6D Harmonic Grid….and that you are connected with and protected within the sacred Light of all these networks supporting the Ascension of Earth and the Solar System, and with the vast interconnected soul families and groups all assisting and energizing the transition into higher vibrational fields of Love.

Now feel your Heart among all the loving Hearts on, within and around the Earth that together generate the Unity Consciousness Grid around this planet, and how it interweaves with Gaia’s Crystalline Heart Grid, all unified…and how these networks of LoveLight uplift and strengthen the meridian system of the Earth, the ley lines and nodes, channels and flow lines of pure life force and higher light circulating through the planet, supporting all life. Envisage Blue Light streaming through you, through your heart of Light to the heart of Gaia, an offering of Love and Support, which can then radiate out through the Earth Grid…clarifying, steadying and strengthening.


See and feel this Blue Light flowing everywhere, throughout the whole Life network of this beloved planet, through the earth, the oceans and waterways, through the sky and clouds, the plants, animals and humans all around it. See this Light flowing freely, and invite it into your being, clarifying and strengthening your cells and body organs, right down to the DNA and RNA level, streaming gently through every strand. Through the Unity Consciousness Grid, send the invitation for all living beings to open and receive this Blessing of the Blue Light. Relax, trust and open…


Now focus back to the golden light in the centre of your Heart, the bright warming ‘Soul Sun’ within you, and let this golden light radiate out through the blue, until the Earth Grid is lit with blue and gold flowing Light. Breathe in from Source, breathe out the golden light, deep and even ~ radiating through the serene, steady blue ~ through the land, skies and oceans, filling the torus field of the Earth with Love, Peace and Joy in the clear light of Divine Truth, the Truth of the Divine essence of all Life. And So Be It. ❤


With Love & Gratitude to you All, to Gaia and her Twin Flame Aisaia, and to all beings of Love guiding and assisting the planetary Ascension,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤




PS: As usual, the group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or if that doesn’t suit, choose another moment, holding the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses.

Sunday Meditation October 1


Hello dear LoveLights ❤

Thank you all for continuing with these weekly Love focus meditations for planetary and collective Ascension ~ or any forms of focus you feel to hold and radiate for Ascension ~ and a warm welcome to those of you joining in with the LoveLight Circle for the first time! For this SUNday, we’re going to bring together the golden rainbow light of blessings we’ve anchored and flowed the last two weeks, with a planetary merkaba visualization/intention for Earth…filling the planetary merkaba with golden rainbow light, maximum flow of Divine Blessings for Gaia, for the Twin Flame rebirth of Gaia&Aisaia, and for All.

So relax your whole being, breathe deeply, relax, breathe into your heart centre and keep your focus in there, letting your heart connect with the centre of Source and the heart of beloved Gaia, full of Love. Feel your whole being fill with crystalline rainbow light, with golden light streaming through the Rainbow Bridge you are, blissful, in perfect equilibrium, radiating pure unconditional Love….connecting in ease and joy with all the high light grids around the Earth ~ the Crystalline Heart Grid, the Unity Consciousness Grid, the Christ Light Grid, the Angelic Grid, the Phoenix Grid, the 6D Harmonic Grid. Connecting with all Beings of high Love and Light guiding, supporting and energizing Gaia’s Ascension and the Ascension of the whole Solar System, as the Wave of transforming LoveLight from Source continues to roll in, soft, strong, with increasing depth.

Become aware of your merkaba spinning as you breathe in and out, anchored with Source and Gaia. Feel the pure point of convergence you are, for all that is of joy, peace, love, truth, freedom and unity, within the effortless, fluid motion of your merkaba, feeling its natural state of balance, immersed in its radiant light…and now feeling your merkaba’s synchronous harmony with Gaia’s merkaba, which is spinning perfectly around her Earthly body.

Feel the golden rainbow light flowing in and through your Heart Star spread outward, filling your merkaba, shimmering with Light, Love and Life, eternal and infinite. Let this beautiful divine light flow out around the Earth, meeting, filling and merging with Gaia’s Light, her merkaba bathed in golden rainbow light. Maybe you see this light all around the planet filling with butterflies ~ with the energy of transformation. Maybe you’re attuning to the liquid light layers, where higher dimensional dolphin and whale beings flow and steer this divine light in perfect interweaving harmony. Feel the Oneness that you Are, with all Life, all beings of Love, with beloved Gaia and her Twin Flame, in perfect balance, joy and sweetness…..and see/hold the intention for this Ascended infinite vibration to hold steady within your being and all around this planet and Solar System, in unison with all souls holding a Loving focus today and in every moment.


Gratitude and Bright Blessings to you all for a beautiful meditation and a joyful week! With thanks and love to all Divine Beings taking part in, guiding and assisting this great Shift,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤



PS: As usual, the group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, or if that doesn’t suit, choose another moment, holding the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses.

PPS: If you’re new to merkaba meditations, you can find a merkaba practice by scrolling down the Practices page at Heart Star.