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7~7 Divine Gateway Meditation July 7th 2020

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Greetings dear LoveLights  🙂

On the heels of a powerful eclipse season, we flow now into the vibration of a very beautiful Gateway, on the 7th day of the 7th month, with deepest thanks to everyone bringing the radiance of your Love into the LoveLight Circle meditations! We’re focusing now with the annual ‘light-bridge moment’ of the 7~7 Gateway of Divine Union, that grounds the energy known as TwinFlame through the higher dimensions into this Earth plane, in Oneness with Gaia and her TwinFlame, in sacred union within our hearts and souls with the Infinite Love expressing through us and all creation.

Fundamentally, all life, all consciousness, all soul rays, streams, groups and creational expressions radiate from Oneness, from the One Source that is infinite and everywhere, from the Source Heart of Love that lives within everything, purely for the joy of creation, transcendent and immutable yet infinitely present in every expression, across every dimension, every universe of existence.

From the One Heart of Infinite Divine Consciousness flow great Oversouls, that fan into myriad streams, soul strands and aspects of creative expression, creational passion and purpose, for the joy of expressing essence and presence. From the Oneness radiating through the Oversouls, the One Flames of Divine Light, TwinFlame unfolds as a dynamic, an energy that across dimensional layers translates as Feminine and Masculine. Through this dynamic energy, creations blossom, as literal or figurative ‘children’…and the eternal interweaving play of Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine Child, the sacred Threefold Flame of the Heart of Creation, is reborn in every moment, re-newing the freshness, the primal expansion of essence and spirit, continuously.

In dimensional layers where consistent awareness of Unity within the Eternal Oneness has become veiled, beings can perceive TwinFlame energy, and the deeper One Flame within, as though it is separated across time and space, searching for reunion. But when we bless and let go of all sense of separation or limitation, and simply BE in that place of whole immersion in the Love Within, in the embrace of Oversoul and the Infinite Source, then we give ourselves (and this world) the gift of Oneness, the gift of relaxing deeply and continuously in the One Flame we are radiating from, loving the play of TwinFlame energy, loving every creation, every loving partnership or relationship in this and all other planes of existence, as lovers, partners, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, friends to all of creation. Aligned and steady in the Heart of our Flame, all veils dissolve, and we naturally vibrate Divine Oneness to all life, everywhere.

On this Earth plane, there’s a festival celebrated each year that speaks to this unveiling, to the bridging of eternal Divine Union into the collective consciousness of humanity. This festival, known by various names in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, originates from the mythic meeting on the 7th day of the 7th month each year of the Weaving Maiden (the star Vega) and the Cowherd (the star Altair) along a cosmic bridge made for them by magpies…which rises from a deeper subconscious galactic patterning of separation experience and windows of reunion, played out in the 3-4D strata of the Milky Way.

In this meditation, we’ll encompass this collective focus for Divine Union, embracing the festival’s theme of moments of reunion in the story of separation and holding it within the Eternal Oneness of the higher dimensions…grounding this diamond light-bridge through our beings, in union with Gaia’s Heart, into the light-grids, as a continuous stream of Universal Love and light codes that we are calling and anchoring into this Earth plane, creating a stable, unshakeable bridge for Divine Union vibrations into the Earth’s field, to align the convergence of energies we call Ascension more deeply and securely into this Now. This meditation can also be used at any moment it resonates for you, to focus with the energy of Divine Union in Eternal Oneness.  💖



Let’s relax now and breathe deeply, breathing in Love, breathing out Love, centering in our hearts, in the unity of this meditation circle, in Oneness with all people around the planet holding loving focus for planetary ascension in whatever way calls to them. We are One Love, all the way, flowing in unity.

Knowing we are held constantly in Divine Light, as beings of Divine Light aligning together in Love for Gaia and the Source of All Creation, as conduits and anchors for the most beautiful, joyful, benevolent pathway of Planetary Ascension, we open our hearts to the heart of Gaia, in Oneness with all living beings on Earth, in Oneness with all Beings of Love who are supporting and guiding this Ascension and all assisting Light flows into the Earth’s energy field, light-grids and collective consciousness.

We feel and connect with the Love constantly radiating from Gaia’s Heart for all humanity, all animals and plants, for her inner light realms, for the elementals and nature spirits, the crystal soul collectives and all aspects of her earth-body. We are part of this collective of Love, bathed in Divine Infinite Love, bathed in continuous vibrations of lightness of being that are in oneness with the love-based New Earth.

Breathing into our hearts, we connect with the Loving Oneness within and all around us. In our inner hearts, the seat of our soul, we see a beautiful clear Flame, shimmering with pure, sparkling Diamond Light. Let’s allow ourselves to deeply feel the eternal, infinite essence of this Flame, radiating from the Source, and whether veiled or clear to our inner senses, always present, this holy Flame of the Divine Presence within us, within humanity and all creation.

Infinite Oneness radiates through the One Flame within and around us, joyful and loving beyond imagining, yet knowable in our hearts, in the small, still place within, sending soft ripples through our whole being and beyond. Eternal Union radiates through the TwinFlame light-spiral dancing within us, and when we open ourselves completely to it, all perceptions, beliefs or feelings of separation totally relax into bliss, into the ocean of tenderness, the divine warmth in which we are immersed and encompassed constantly.

In this place of deep relaxation within our Flame, within our Divine Union in Forever Love, a bridge of pure Rainbow Light shines within our hearts, connected with our Oversouls, with the Heart of the Source, and our Flame Within settles upon this light bridge, the TwinFlame spiralling in Oneness within the Flame, and flowing its light, passion and creative energy all along this bridge, eternally anchored within the Heart of Source, and grounding through our beings.

We call Divine Oneness through the 7~7 Gateway’s Seventh Dimensional vibration of Grace now…into the Earth, in union with beloved Gaia, flowing into the light-grids supporting planetary Ascension, and into the collective consciousness field of humanity and all beings here. The Ascension Pathway is strengthened, steady, and unfolding in this powerful energy of Union, Unity, Completeness, Wholeness in Infinite Love, in this moment and every moment through to full Convergence of Love and Joy in this plane.

All humanity and all beings are bathing now in the message of Oneness with the Infinite Divine Heart of Creation flowing through this loving Universe in every moment, free to bless with Love any sense of separation, imbalance or dividedness, within ourselves, within the collective, as we release any and all possibilities other than aligning and relaxing into the bliss of the Divine Union in Oneness that eternally IS. 

We call through our beings the highest convergence of Ascended Earth, through the energy of Divine Oneness, Divine Inner Union, in the pure LoveLight flowing every moment, activating the natural impulse of Love, Compassion and Cherishment within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this Planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and peace. And So BE It.



Deepest thanks and love to everyone joining in here, or anchoring Ascension in any way that calls to you, and deepest thanks and love to the many beings of Love guiding, guarding, assisting and supporting this planetary Shift.

Love, Joy & Peace to All, through this Grace-filled Gateway of Divine Love and beyond,

Joanna&Ashura&Friends  💖






*To connect with the Threefold Flame, see The Seven Sacred Flames Meditations page.

PS:  Group meditations are ‘time-flexible’. If you like the rhythm of a continuous meditation time, we suggest 12:12pm in your time zone, unless otherwise advised (for particular alignments).  However, whenever it suits you best to come into our meditation focuses, we encourage you to hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  LoveLight Circle Meditations can be used at any time they ‘call’ to you, and are shared as a guide ~ if you feel inspired to continue with them or expand upon them in your own creative ways, feel free to do so! If you’re new to meditation or the LoveLight Circle, we suggest beginning with these Meditation Guidelines (or similar) before group focuses. Namaste.


With love&gratitude to all unknown artists whose images appear in these posts.

Sunday Meditation October 7

Greetings beautiful LoveLights  ❤

Welcome to this weekend’s LoveLight meditation, focusing with the ‘blue-green light theme’ through October, the teal to aqua blue vibrations that assist graceful opening and ease of healing (whole-ing) through all vibrational layers of the third and fourth dimensions as they dissolve intense duality programming and flow into restoration of Universal Love, Peace, Joy and Well-Being. 🙂

We’ll post a ‘personal&planetary DNA activation’ for this month’s enhanced blue-green vibration on October 11th ~ the 11-10-11 Gateway ~ and in preparation, this SUNday we’re connecting this beautiful Light quality with rebirthing Innocence (Inner-Sense), the Divine Child energies of boundless inspiration and playful, kind creation in freedom of Love, within ourselves and the collective consciousness….as anchors and conduits for this amplified healing/wholing flow through Gaia’s nodes and meridians, through all the high light-grids around Earth and Solar System.

During this month, the energies of Aquatic Star Family soul groups are to the fore, so if your heart calls to connect with them in this unified blue-green light flow across the dimensions of Love, dolphin and whale groups, merpeople, amphibious soul groups and more are all assisting, interweaving liquid light. Also, we can open our hearts to connect with assisting crystalline soul collectives that express through crystals in the blue-green spectrum particularly Green Flourite and Green Aventurine (pictured at the end of this post). All are connecting continuously with Gaia’s beautiful heart radiance, and currently with a higher dimensional crystal named the Mirama’in Crystal ~ Core Crystal of the mothership Neptune ~ which is approximately like the crystal pictured below, deep blue-green with golden light spiralling through its vertical axis and an ever-blooming golden rose in its centre. The Mirama’in contains and transmits frequencies of Divine Feminine Resurrection, sending light-codes through the grids to assist planetary Ascension.

So begin with breathing deeply into your heart and relaxing fully. Breathe…relax…know you are cradled in the eternal LoveLight of Source and countless guiding, supporting, protecting Beings of Love….cradled in the pure Light of your Soul….connected in every moment with the Heart of beloved Gaia, and with all the assisting soul groups and higher dimensional light-grids around this planet and Solar System, flowing with cleansing blue-green waves of Light that are spreading deep and wide through this next month. Know that you are bathed, embraced and always supported by the infinite Love of your Soul, your soul families, close guardians in the higher dimensional layers of Light, by those guiding and guarding the planetary Shift, and the eternal Source of all Life.

Feel the deep warmth of the LoveLight within you and all around you, in and around this loving group of meditating souls and all who are focusing in many ways for planetary ascension, and aligning now in your heart with the beautiful Aquatic soul families of Love and Peace…as we together let this blend of soft green, aqua and teal blue light flow through our whole beings, and send it through the collective energy field, knowing we are in natural alignment and unison with countless loving beings of many light realms.

Focusing into your Heart Centre, visualize or hold the intention of a Flower of Life pattern forming there, and see it expanding out around the Earth. The blue-green light flows gently and continuously through this pattern, anchored and amplified by the Aquatic and Crystalline soul collectives co-creating with Gaia and all loving Souls here, spreading this loving continuous stream of Divine Love to all Life.

Let this sparkling light of eternal well-being and the feeling of joyfully alighting New Earth energies with countless loving beings, in the infinite embrace of the Source of all Love, Light and Life, completely refresh you…and know that the feeling of being cradled and loved into deepest harmony is radiating from this loving meditation circle and all those guiding and interweaving their Light with us from the higher dimensions all around the Earth, to humanity and all living beings, in union with Gaia and her beloved Twin Flame Aisaia.

And So BE It.


With Gratitude, Joy and Love always to you all, friends, lovers and anchors of Ascension on Earth, and through all the dimensions of Light!

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤


(Green Flourite and Green Aventurine crystals)


PS: Through this year, we’ll be creatively focusing and energizing many visions and heart intentions within the whole New Earth vibration, bringing it through more tangibly. This is a shared adventure, so any of you who have a New Earth vision or dream dear to your heart ~ whether general or specific ~ that could inspire, and benefit from, a LoveLight Circle group activation, please feel welcome to share it in the comments below or by email, so it can be worked into our evolving group focuses.

PPS: The group meditation focus time is 12:12pm in your time zone, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose another moment, and hold the intention to meet and merge with the group’s sending of LoveLight.  These meditations can of course be used at any time they ‘call’ to you, and are shared as a guide ~ if you feel inspired to continue with them or expand upon them in your own creative ways, feel free to do so! ! If you’re new to the LoveLight Circle or meditation practices, please read the Meditation Guidelines. We advise beginning with them before all group focuses. Namaste.


*With love and thanks to the unknown ‘blue-green artwork’ creators whose pictures appear in this post.