software exclusively for drivers education businesses

Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you didn't have to… schedule/cancel/ reschedule drive times, send reminders, take payments, send cancellation notices, and provide instructors with their schedules.

Turn your website into a virtual receptionist. Students will love selecting their own drive times. Parents will love being able to access their child's account information. Instructors will love managing their schedules from anywhere. And you? Because you've eliminated the busy work, you'll love spending more time on the important things in your life.

Website Integration


Maintain consistent branding throughout the user experience.

Get a new, mobile-friendly website that is customized to match the rest of your marketing. The integration of our software is seamless, eliminating the disconnect caused by other third-party software options.

Easily update the content on your website yourself.

Your website gives important information about your services and updates in real-time based on class availability. You can control the content on your website and make changes when you have the time.

Students can register and pay for classes on your website.

Your website is always open, even for those parents who want to register at 2 AM. You improve your cash flow and can start taking online payment immediately with your own merchant account.

Online Scheduling


Students can sign-up online for sessions and receive automatic reminders for drive times.

Eliminate the time spent scheduling, canceling, rescheduling, and sending reminders of student drive times — not to mention, entering all the contact information!

Administrative staff can maximize occupancy by easily identifying and filling openings.

If a student is on a wait list and someone cancels, the software auto emails the wait list to fill the spot. Double-booking vehicles and over-booking classes is also eliminated.

Instructors can manage their schedules online and send messages to their students.

Instructors can check their daily drive schedules online, and you can reduce the time you spend entering schedules by allowing instructors to enter their drive times.

Management and Reporting


Automatically assess no-show fees for late cancellations and missed drive times.

Simply set your notification preferences to send automated email and text reminders to both the student and the parent. If they still don't show, then the system will automatically assess any fees. You can also lock a student's account when it becomes past due.

Analyze detailed records related to your driving school business, students, and instructors.

Run reports to help with student balance tracking, payment reconciliation, instructor work hours, and student completion dates. All reports can be exported in spreadsheet format so you may use the data however you'd like (such as mail merge).

Print pre-filled state forms and back up your student historical data electronically.

Print state forms with student and school data pre-filled. Retrieve student historical data showing all classroom and BTW attendance, notes from instructors, and payments. Electronic data backups are a step closer to being paperless (in most states).

Effective Marketing


Leverage the power of social media to connect with teens and gain new students.

Not using Facebook yet? Don't have the time to post? Want to try targeted ads? Start taking advantage of this effective and affordable tool.

Send postcards to households with teenagers turning the driving age in your community.

We can help you purchase a mailing list, design a postcard that matches your branding, and send it out for you.

Build a memorable identity for your business and cohesive marketing materials.

Whether you're in need of a redesign or just starting out, we can develop your brand with a logo, printed materials, ads, and more.