Meditation Guidelines

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Whether meditation for you means stillness and silent focus, prayers and chanting, walking, singing or dancing, it’s all perfect ~ whatever your preferred form is, just ‘be’ and ‘do’ it from a heart filled with peace, joy and love for yourself and all life everywhere, in the spirit of unity, compassion and Oneness, so that your meditation focuses and flows these energies of transformation to and for All. ❤

We offer these steps, to align safely and smoothly into each meditation focus:

Put yourself in a comfortable, relaxed position, and take several slow deep breaths, breathing in Love, Light and Grace, breathing out Love, Light and Grace, until you feel centered in your heart and peaceful.

Visualize and feel a star of pure white light in your heart centre, and when it’s really bright, radiate it outward through your physical body, subtle bodies and auric field, dissolving all stored heavy energies, thoughts and emotions. Hold this for up to 3 minutes, feeling your expanded soul light warm, calm and steady, enveloping your whole being in pure Divine Love.

Visualize and feel a pillar of white Light extending through your being, above and below, from the Heart of Source to the Heart of Gaia. Bathing in this pillar, connecting through your heart, silently or aloud speak these words (or your own variation):  Throughout this day and night and in every moment, through the Inner Divine I Am, may I be a pure, steady, open pillar, conduit, vessel and anchor of the highest Love, Light, Grace and Providence from the heart of Source to the heart of beloved Gaia and all Life. And So Be It. 

Breathe golden light into your heart centre, then breathe it out around you, filling your aura/torus field like a big Golden Apple of Light, then visualize or feel a golden cross of light in front of your body, from head to toes, and another behind you, from back of head to heels, and speak these words:  With these golden crosses of light I am held throughout this day and night in the highest vibration of pure Love. Any energy not of Unconditional Love that comes toward me is instantly transformed into the highest Love, Light and Grace. And So Be It.

Now call on your Merkaba to spin at the highest available frequencies of Love and Light, anchored with Source and the Heart of Gaia, in perfect alignment and resonance with the 5-6D planetary Merkaba ~ as we take part in and contribute to this shared personal and planetary Ascension.


Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitude to you All,

Joanna&Ashura & Friends ❤




*Love and thanks go to Bareld Nijboer for guidance with the Heart Star and Golden Apple practices, and to higher dimensional star family and other beautiful guiding lights for their continuous support, unconditional love, and divine wisdom.

Meditation practices and visualizations can be found in more depth at Heart Star, on the Practices page(s).