New Earth Meditations 2020

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Welcome to this New Earth Creation Sanctuary   🙂

We invite you to join in this worldwide circle of love and unity, coming together in meditation every Sunday through 2020, as we build a unified lightfield of convergence of this Shifting Earth’s field of vibration with the already-realized Ascended Earth ~ which as they merge and unify, establish the New Earth in all its beautiful potential.

This rebirth, to a planet expressing in harmony with all that is joyful, expansive and free to co-create in loving kindness, begins with each of us ~ within every human being awakening to the vision of a world liberated in universal love, and in each one of us unfolding the awareness and remembrance of ourselves and all living beings as divine spirit, as souls embodied on this Earth as Love, radiating Love together in unity with Gaia as she rebirths her planetary energy field and body.

As we Shift in unison, anchoring Ascended Earth through our hearts and souls, our creative inspirations and actions in whichever areas of life we feel drawn to express ourselves and contribute, we build and firm the foundations of New Earth. 2020 is a foundation year, where visions and creations of unconditional love-based vibrations have great potential to find a firm footing and anchor more deeply, as 2020 comes through the number 4, the vibration of foundation of love. This year expresses vibrationally through the Double Infinity, the four-petalled Rose Cross, the four-pointed Star, and these symbols/sacred geometries help align a vibrational convergence point for merging Ascended Earth frequencies into this Now.


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Sit comfortably, or lay down if you prefer. Take some deep, slow breathes, in and out. Relax into the presence of love, light and life you are in this moment. Let your body completely relax, let yourself open and immerse in the love, light and life all around you.

Infinite Love, Great Spirit, Prime Creator, the eternal Source is within and around you, embracing you, unfolding you, expressing through you, guiding you into more love. Beings of pure love, radiating light, brimming with life, are assisting you, supporting you, walking with you, refreshing you, co-creating with you, with all of us, from many dimensions and realms of light, every moment of this Earth journey and beyond.

Stretch your body if you need to, breathe into your whole being, feeling love radiate effortlessly through you and from your heart, throughout your whole earthly expression ~ physical, emotional and mental. Your body is relaxed and filled with well-being, your emotional field is joyful, gentle and warm, your mental field is calm, clear and vibrant.


Now we invite you to step into the Ascended Earth ~ which already exists fully realized in the field of wavelengths we can call fifth dimensional and higher, the Earth and all her companion living beings vibrating in Oneness, in a peaceful harmony of variety and diversity of expressions where the Divine is perceived, honoured and celebrated in all things. Where all life is in its natural high vibrational well-being. Where humanity is in conscious loving awareness of Gaia’s sacred soul-light that imbues all life on this planet. Where we are all in conscious loving awareness of each other, of the animals, plants, crystal soul collectives, nature spirits and elemental beings of the Earth, of the Inner Earth higher dimensional light realms of love, and of the wider interplanetary, galactic and universal star families, fleets and light beings of many kinds who align and create through unconditional Love.

Let yourself feel all of this in your heart now….as present, tangible, touchable, visible, audible, all around you right now. Feel your presence within this reality. Start with what is right there, around you, in this reality of Ascended Earth. Breathe in the air. How does it feel in your lungs? How does it smell? Taste the scents flowing on this Ascended Earth’s air. Listen to the sounds around you in this beautiful world.

Become aware of a vibrant soft shimmer in the air, all around you, and within your own being. The glow of constant vitality in your energy field, in every cell, atom and fully awoken DNA strands in your body, the glow of radiant health and vitality emanating from everything around you ~ the sky, the water, trees and flowers, the animals, the people, the wonderful beings of all kinds now welcome and mingling freely with us on this planet, as we are now living in easy communication and connectedness with the wider galactic community of Love, embraced and assisted within it, sharing, giving and co-creating freely together.

Feel your presence there. There is here, it lives in your heart and soul, radiating through your whole being and through your mind as joyful awareness and inspired creativity. Whatever visions open for you in this moment ~ personal, global, galactic ~ let them blossom like a flower opening to the Sun’s rays. This is allowing the movement of the shift in vibration, ascended wavelengths, the Ascension Ray of infinite light beaming from the Source itself, through our galactic supercluster, through the galactic central sun, through all the network of ascended stars, through our sun Solaris, through and to all the planetary souls of this star system, to Gaia, to and through all of us in every moment.

Let yourself feel this Ray now, flowing through you, and imagine that you are ‘looking back’ to the current timeframe, your earthly life, and that from the Ascended Earth we are all together anchoring the light of Love in our beings, from our Ascended Selves, into this Earth plane as a wave of golden diamond light that is holding the highest, most compassionate Ascension pathway in place, as Earth transitions through its Shift, coming into closer and closer convergence, and ultimately into Oneness, with the Ascended Earth.

Feel and imagine this blossoming, the blissful unfolding of the energies of the New Earth as this cohesion steadies into place…as the Ascended Earth vibrations flow more deeply and fully and tangibly into this plane, transforming this world in the Light of Loving Unity.


We call through our beings the highest convergence of Ascended Earth, in the pure Divine LoveLight flowing every moment, activating the natural impulse of Love, Compassion and Cherishment within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this Planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and peace. And So BE It.



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As we cultivate and anchor this realized presence of the New Earth throughout this year every Sunday, establishing its energetic foundation in our own beings and in the collective vibrational field, we encourage everyone to give a few moments each day to reaffirming this realized presence within your consciousness. Breathe into your heart, remember what you’ve seen, felt or heard in these Sunday group focus moments, know that we’re all bringing our light and love together into this planetary ascension, with gratitude for being unified in this loving flow. Thank you All. 

If you feel drawn to write down, draw, dance, compose a song, about what you see and feel, hear or touch, what you imagine unfolding around you in the Ascended Earth, go for it! Or it might express through your gardening, your food preparation, new inventions or refining current projects, the ways and areas in which you feel called to contribute, connect and communicate in partnerships, families, communities and globally, or indeed with friends and family of subtler dimensions, there are simply no limits to what can unfold!  🙂